Product Review: SMARCKS Smart Blocks

We had the opportunity to review (play with) a new invention, the SMARCKS Smart Blocks.

My children were fascinated and immediately eager to play!


The SMARCKS Building Set comes with 70 colorful Non Talking Building Blocks and one Talking Blue Color Block and is suitable for ages 1 and up. The blocks are easy for little hands to manipulate and provide numerous possibilities for building, stacking and creating works of art. The Talking Blue Block teaches about the color blue, good manners, and giggles from being “tickled”.

SMARCKS Talking Blue Color Block

As your child grows and discovers the experience of the Talking Blocks, you can purchase additional Talking Blocks to add to your set. There are 19 Talking Blocks in total and the first one (the Blue Color Talking Block) comes with the 70 piece Building Set. Each Talking Block has its own unique character and adds a level of learning to what would otherwise be a traditional block set.

Color Talking Blocks (ages 1+)
The Red, Yellow, Green, Purple and Orange Color Talking Blocks teach kids about their individual colors and about good manners. The Pink Talking Block talks about the color pink.

Nursery Rhyme Blocks (ages 2+)
The Pink, Red and Purple Nursery Rhyme Talking Blocks each play favorite nursery rhymes and have a secret puzzle.

ABC, Shape and Counting Blocks (ages 3+)
These are our favorites! The Green Counting Block counts the sum of the blocks it’s placed on. The Yellow Shape Block identifies 8 different shapes and the Orange ABC Block spells 26 different words complete with a sound (and yes, TRAIN is one of the words!)

Music and Dancing Light Blocks (ages 4+)
The Purple, Pink and Red Light Blocks each play one third of the SMARCKS Song. The Music Blocks remember and recognize the blocks they have been stacked on. The see-through appearance makes it fun as it flashes multi-colored lights while it sings.

Math Blocks (ages 5+)
The Red Subtraction, Purple Addition and the singing Blue Monkey Math Blocks are another favorite with my kids. The best part? My 3.5-year-old is watching and helping his older brother play, find and test the different block combinations while hearing the math facts and that “Math is Fun”! His face is absolutely priceless when the Monkey song begins- he starts singing without a care in the world (and with a huge smile on his face) while learning the beginning stages of subtraction.

I’m very impressed by the SMARCKS Smart Blocks.

Most importantly, I love that the set can grow with your child. You can get the basic set for your 1-year-old and add to it each year or as their development and interests change and expand. The purpose of the SMARCK Smart Blocks is to make learning fun and they do just that. We sing, rhyme, count and learn while exploring the (what seems to be) thousands of different combinations.

The Building Blocks are specially designed so that they trigger the Talking Blocks.

This is what I’m talking about:

In this picture, you can see that the top of each block is designed differently and you can see the triggers/buttons on the bottom block- that is the inside of one of the Talking Blocks. When a Talking Block is stacked on the different Building Blocks, the inside buttons are triggered to make the Talking Block sing, rhyme, spell and count.
To find out what triggers the Talking Blocks, you can check out the SMARCKS website to see a list of Ticklish Spots and Puzzle Secrets- HERE.

At first I observed my three boys explore and play with the blocks and quickly learned that they didn’t need my help. I watched as they figured out which Building Blocks made which Talking Block come to life… I watched as my train obsessed 3-year-old feverishly tried to remember which combination made the Orange ABC Block spell and say TRAIN. Then I watched his face light up when he figured it out and attempted to spell the word T-R-A-I-N with the block! Learning made fun!

The Details
The 70 piece Building Set comes in a large Polypropylene (BPA-Free) blue container, with a yellow lid, that looks like an over-sized SMARCKS Talking Block. There’s plenty of space for the entire collection (Building Blocks and Talking Blocks) in the container. This is super important to me. I like that the blocks have a “home” and that they can all be together when it’s time to clean up- less mess and less of a chance they will get misplaced.

The blocks are made of ABS plastic with no surface coatings. ABS is the strongest, most durable material for children’s blocks. The SMARCKS’ building blocks have been tested and approved per ASTM and CPSIA Toy Safety Specification Standards.

To view all the SMARCKS Blocks and to hear a sample of the Talking Blocks, click HERE.

To learn more about the company, click HERE.

The inventor and CEO of Smart Blocks Inc. is a mechanical engineer that comes from a family of educators with three masters degrees and a phd in education and 50 years of experience in the field of education and child development. An engineer, a school district superintendent, a teacher, and a school counselor were the core design and development team members for the Smarcks.

The concept of talking building blocks toys originated a few years ago when the inventor was sitting in his family room watching his children play (1, 2, and 5 years old at the time). Like most homes the family room was surrounded by talking educational toys; however, his children typically chose instead to play with their building blocks. All this money on electronic toys and they end up playing with blocks – that is when it all began …

To purchase SMARCKS Smart Blocks (and for a discount) click HERE.