Product Review: The BellaBand by Ingrid & Isabel

If you read last week’s Fun Ways To Announce a Pregnancy — then the secret’s out. I’m no longer in the closet and hiding my belly with oversized sweaters and blousen tops. Nope, it’s out there for all to see. I also write about fashion day-in-and-day-out so when the The BellaBand from Ingrid & Isabel showed up on my doorstep, I wasn’t about to turn it away. The thought of banishing my favorite J-Brand jeans to nine months of hibernation is enough to make me want to cry. Although J-Brand does make maternity styles, the thought of spending $175 on jeans that I’ll probably only wear for two months is ALSO enough to make me want to cry. And at this stage in the game (about 4 months, give or take…it’s my third, I’ve lost count), maternity jeans just won’t fit yet.

At first you think, “Really? Is this tube top going to hide my unbuttoned pants and look smooth?” Believe me, it does and it will your entire pregnancy and post-pregnancy.

Here’s why to make the BellaBand a maternity and post-maternity must-have staple:

You’ll save a bundle of money. Forget rushing out and buying all the decent maternity pants and tops you can find. With The BellaBand you just slip it on over your belly and layer it over your unbuttoned pants to conceal that yes, your fly is in fact open. Now no-one will know for months as you trick them wearing your same pre-pregnancy pants without anyone being the wiser. The band is also helpful for those pre-pregnancy shirts that all of sudden all seem like belly shirts (too short). Layering the band over the pants and under your shirt, you can still wear your favorite shirts without exposing any impending stretch marks or a popped out turkey belly button.

It’s comfortable. How many things can you say that about? Not high heels, not thong underwear…it really is comfortable and almost gives your growing belly a harness to keep it from sagging mid-day. Made from nylon and spandex, it’s really stretchy so it will still fit those lucky moms that are expecting multiples!

You can pick your style. Usually with maternity clothes you’re limited. While we’re not as limited as our parents were (sorry about those peter-pan collared dresses Mom…), there are still so many maternity clothes for one to choose from. With The BellaBand you can add your own personality to outfits by layering and mixing and matching the colors of the band. Get creative and wear more than one at once, like the Petal and Grey-colored bands, for a fun summer look. The bands are also now available with lace edging or in organic, earth-friendly cotton.

It will last you beyond the “nine months.” Once you give birth and put all that extra weight behind you, there’s still weight there and your pre-pregnancy body may not bounce-back like you thought it would (unless you’re Giselle…). That’s okay, the BellaBand is there for you through thick and thin. Just slip it on AND wear your skinny jeans all at the same time — no-one has to know your little secret of what’s unbuttoned underneath it all.

So all in all, this pregnant fashionista gives the BellaBand two thumbs up and is keeping it on close rotation in the laundry because you never know when this belly really is going to “POP!”

The BellaBand is currently available in four different sizes, three styles and seven different colors. To view and purchase all the BellaBand styles, visit