Product review: ZoLi Buzz B Electric Nail Trimmer

Surely you’ve heard before,” YOU need this because…” This time however, it could be true. There’s nothing more frightening to a first time mom or any mom for that matter, than trimming a baby’s fragile but completely scraggly nails. They grow at lightening speed and often times can not be seen but definitely felt. Before I was a mom myself I remember an ambulance showing up next door at the neighbor’s house. Terrified that something was completely wrong with her or her newborn daughter, I ran next door. Blood was everywhere. What happened?

She retold the story she had just told the paramedics, that she was trimming her baby’s nails with the baby-safe nail clippers and accidentally clipped skin and the blood wouldn’t stop pouring out. She panicked and called 911. All this from a little nail clipping?! She’s not the only one, every year parents are terrified when they accidently clip their newborn’s skin when trying to declaw their little fingers. It’s a frightening scene and I definitely didn’t want to be one of them so I’m so glad that Zo-li Buzz B Electric Nail Trimmer happened to walk into my life.


ZoLi Buzz B Electric Nail Trimmer, $25, at

Sad but true that this little device has made life easier for Sunday night nail clipping around our house.

What’s great about this invention that has changed the life of many parents? Three things…

  1. It comes with four different file textures so you can be sure that it gets the best file for your baby. It comes with 2 files for soft, brittle infant nails and 2 files for stronger, thicker toddler nails. The manufacturer recommends the product for newborns to age 2 as by that time you should feel safe using clippers and the files won’t work well with your older child’s thick nails.
  2. The Buzz B has two speeds that you control depending on how your baby is reacting to the filing or if the nail is bit tougher on one side than the other. The low speed did a great job all on it’s own but he actually giggled when the clipper touched his nail so we cranked it up to high speed to see how much more it would tickle his nails down. They turned out perfect with no tears from him and no blood from accidently clipping his skin. We were both very happy.
  3. It comes in it’s own carrying case which you can stuff away on shelf high from little roaming hands. I’m not sure about your house but in mine, if they can see it, they will find it and play with it. We have to put every nail clipper, file, and thermometer high up from sticky fingers. The case makes sure it stays clean and all the parts in one place.

The Buzz B works is battery-operated and works on one AA battery. While priced at $25, it is one of those items that will only last you a couple of years but if you handle it with care, you can use it on babies yet to come or pass on to other mommy friends to enjoy. Either way, I think it makes a great baby gift to settle a new mom’s fear of those dreaded baby nails!

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