Product Review: Medela Swing Single Electric Breastpump

Medela Swing Single Electric Breastpump

Unpacking our saved baby items as baby number 2 graced us with her presence brought back a flood of pleasant memories! Pleasant memories until I unpacked my old electric pump – very quickly the memories faded into fears. Was I really doomed to use this again? Pleasantly enough I am proud to announce that no – pumping with an electric pump does not have to be a nightmare – thanks to Medela.

After listening to the reviews of my friends and reading online reviews I took the plunge and purchased the Medela Swing. Hallelujah! I love this pump – I can say this with confidence as I have experienced the great and the very bad! The Swing has the best of both worlds of electric and manual pumping. The Swing is extremely comfortable, easy to use, and affordable. The Medela Swing is a single electric pump that is heads above its competition.

Medela pumps use a special suction process that is comfortable and mimics the sucking of your child in a two stage process. Surprisingly – this is right. The first phase is a fast and short tug and the second phase is a slower and longer tug. These phases correspond with the natural let down and flow of your milk. The suction is comfortable and leaves your nipples intact (this is not the case with all pumps – some pull and therefore cause your nipples to feel raw – as if they were plugged into the outlet and not the cord!). The suction is adjustable with the push of a button that allows you to manually choose the most similar to your child’s suck – allowing you to pump a greater amount of milk.

The pump is very portable and is a great size. You can choose to use the pump with a power outlet or batteries. The Swing uses four AA batteries and is very efficient – I have used this pump twice daily for two almost two months and have not needed to change them. In addition, the pump comes with a neck strap so you can be on the move while pumping. While this certainly does not make you feel attractive – walking around the house with a motor attached to your neck and a bottle protruding from your breast (just describing it makes me feel ridiculous) it is incredibly handy. There have been several accounts when I was pumping and helping my three year old at the same time.

One issue that I found with the pump is that moisture tends to collect in the tubing during your pumping session. Because, I had heard that this could cause long term problems, I contacted customer service representatives at Medela to help me rectify the problem. The company was very quick to return my email and explained the reasoning behind this as well as a solution. Their response was that because if the temperature of the expressed milk is higher than the temperature outside, condensation will build up. By running the pump about two minutes after pumping disconnected to the horn the moisture will wick away. I put the advice to the test and sure enough it worked.

The Swing comes with a small carry sack. However, the sack is not very sturdy – I would highly recommend purchasing a case that is more padded to hold your pump and accessories. After all you have spent a good amount of money on the pump and you want it to last. The Swing also includes two storage bottles, one stand, and all of the tubing and horn extensions needed for pumping.

This is a great pump and well worth the money. This pump is best used in situations of storing extra milk or supplying the occasion bottle feeding. This pump is not designed to be used several times a day for milk production. We highly recommend the Medela Swing. It is a great pump that is affordable, portable and comfortable!

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Reviewed by Paulina

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Jenna Garvin

Wow, a breast pump!! My old one broke right as I finished breastfeeding and I’ll need a new one for the next baby! Thanks!