Pull-Ups Potty Partnership – Making Potty Training Easier

Pull-Ups Potty Partnership – Making Potty Training Easier

I think I’d like this toddler age better if potty training wasn’t involved. We’ve tried everything to help our 3 year old to get out of diapers! The 3-Day Method, 1-Day Method, and 10-Day Method. We’ve done self-led, naked on bottom (messes everywhere), prizes, and sticker charts. We’ve bribed with candy rewards, succumbed to the very ineffective yelling, and then forced ourselves to stay patient. Waiting for her to “be ready” has kind of been a joke for our particular breed of toddler, and sticking with diapers in the mean time has been a mess (and just seems to promote regressions). Nothing has worked! We know our toddler better than anyone else and it’s obvious to us that she knows what she’s supposed to do. Sometimes, we’ll pat ourselves on the back, thinking Adalynn has magically, finally, been “potty trained.” We get our hopes up for a few days, only for them to come crashing down when she decides she’s over being a big girl and reverts to playing with her poop from her pants again.

addie reading pull-ups

Thank goodness Pull-Ups stepped in to give us a hand. Pull-Ups have helped quell our frustrations and bring the FUN back to this new stage of development. Each Pull-Up features a Disney character that Adalynn recognizes and loves. She can’t wait to put on her Cinderella panties. When she called them “panties” all on her own, we didn’t correct her word usage because they are soft enough to mimic actual cloth underwear, while still giving us the protection we need during accidents! Since they feel less like diapers, they are the perfect next step in her potty training until she’s ready for the real deal. But let’s get honest: she’s still learning to recognize the signals in her body (or to care about them enough to stop playing) so she still goes in her pants, and that’s alright. Pull-Ups catch the mess and make it easy to clean up with their pull-apart side panels.

activity inside Pull-Ups

inside of box

Another fun detail Huggies Pull-Ups has developed is the box they come in. That’s right—the cardboard box that you’re used to throwing away right after emptying now has a great purpose! Each of the redesigned boxes features a fun activity for your child on the inside! So now I get to use this interesting, new coloring box to reward my toddler’s good potty training! How smart was that?

addie coloring Pull-Ups box

One more detail I really appreciate that needs to be mentioned is the front and back images on each Pull-Up. To help our kids learn which way to put their training pants on correctly, the Disney characters are on the front, while the back is simpler. Once, in my half-asleep, zombie state, I changed Adalynn’s Pull-Up and tried to put the new one on backwards. It was her who caught the silly mistake and told me to turn the Pull-Up around so she could see her puppies on the front. So thanks, Huggies, for teaching my kid something else, on top of great potty habits!

Pull-Ups explain

Between how soft these Pull-Ups are, how easy they are for my toddler to maneuver, and how much fun and excitement they’ve added to our potty training task, I’m really grateful to have Pull-Ups in our lives. I’m way less terrified of potty training my next kid, now!

pullups addie 2

*Thanks to Huggies for sending us a Potty Training Essentials Package with the new Huggies Pull-Ups.