Whether to Push for a “Push Present”

Whether to Push for a “Push Present”
Alphabet charms from Helen Ficalora
Whether to Push for a “Push Present”
Alphabet charms from Helen Ficalora

Okay, so the name sounds completely ridiculous, and the idea kind of is too—a present for pushing a baby out (although c-section moms surely would deserve a gift for having their bellies sliced open, no?)? Isn’t that what’s supposed to happen at the end of a pregnancy—that you get the baby out, somehow? Do we need to be rewarded for completing the natural cycle of pregnancy? Then again, when would I not accept a gift, especially after rocking labor and delivery and upping the awesomeness factor of our family by approximately 1,000, courtesy of a new addition?

Yep, that’s right. We’re talking about “push presents” today—usually a gift given by a husband or partner to a mama who has just had a baby. Are they necessary? In my opinion, no—of course that sweet new babe is reward enough. But are they nice to receive? Um, yes. Indeed they are.

When our first son was born, my husband gave me an initial charm with a ‘B’ for our son Ben. When our second son was born, he added an ‘H’ for our son Henry. With this next (and final) baby, I would imagine there will eventually be a third charm with her first initial on it. Do I think I deserve a gift for birthing a baby? Well, no. But I’m all for a token of my husband’s appreciation of the nine months I spend pregnant and then the hours of agony spent in labor. I think of push presents more as a celebration of a mama’s role in bringing a new life into the world than as a reward for her physical labor, though. Some women find them demeaning or just silly, and I get that too (but that still doesn’t change my glee at opening up a little jewelry box a few days after giving birth).

If you’re keen to receive a “push present” and want to pass along some gentle (or not-so-gentle) hints to your partner in advance, here are a few ideas for push gifts (and I’d love to hear more from you!):

Whether to Push for a “Push Present”
Courtesy of Etsy shop rachelvannatten

Hand Stamped New Mom Jewelry by Etsy shop rachelvannatten ($38.50)

Whether to Push for a “Push Present”
Courtesy of Etsy shop LilyBuds

Personalized Thumbprint Heart by Etsy shop LilyBuds ($67)

Whether to Push for a “Push Present”
Courtesy of Tiffany

Alphabet Pendant from Tiffany ($175)

Whether to Push for a “Push Present”
Courtesy of Etsy shop smithphotoworks

Custom Photo Sterling Silver Ring from Etsy shop smithphotoworks ($106

A mini family vacay (once you’re feeling up to it)

A new TV (for all those hours you’ll be parked on the couch during feeding sessions; the proud papa is sure to love this gift too)

A swanky item for your nursery (or a rockin’ new stroller that you’ve been coveting for ages)

Did you hope for or receive a push present? If so, what was it?

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Melanie Monroe Rosen is a Brooklyn-based freelance writer and mom of two boys, ages 3 and 5, who is currently expecting her third (and very much final) baby in early 2013. A former senior editor at Parenting.com, Melanie was surprised to discover that all of her experience breastfeeding, homebirthing, babywearing, co-sleeping, and cloth diapering actually counted as professional experience. She’s a big fan of reading both Scandinavian mystery novels (to herself) and favorite chapter books from her childhood, like those by Roald Dahl (to her kids).


  1. I’m more of a gadget person than a jewelry person, so last year when we had our son, I received the iphone 4s. At the time I was still sporting the iphone original, so it was definitely time for an upgrade and I was ecstatic to receive it.

  2. With my first my husband gave me a Kindle which was perfect for all those long days & nights of nursing. He also got me a new lens for my camera that I’d been wanting. Both were a little much but I’d definitely appreciated! With this one I’m just hoping for him to take our daughter on lots of daddy-daughter dates so I can have some one on one baby time.

  3. An initial charm, totally sweet. A diamond ring? Totally ridiculous. I have friends who received extravagant gifts-jewelry, iPads, etc. But as for me, having that baby out of me was gift enough.

    I do, however, love the idea of the Floor Cleaner. Something thoughtful and practical. But I don’t think it needs to come in the form of a “push present.” I’d rather it be a “Hey babe, I signed us up for a cleaning service because I know how exhausted we’re about to be” gesture. He was amazing during my pregnancy, and amazing during the delivery. I didn’t need ‘stuff’ from him to validate the experience or reward me or whatever it’s intended to do.

    Or maybe I just hate the name. “Push Present” is awful.

  4. I am due in 3 weeks with our second baby. After I had our son my husband surprised me with 2 pandora charms for my bracelet – a baby carriage and the mom charm of that year. This time DH surprised me early and got me a Mint Floor Cleaner – a sweeping and mopping robot to clean my floors!!!!!!! Seriously the best present ever, it was getting harder every week to push the steam mop around and exhausting. Now I can spend more time with our toddler and the floors are clean. I love the fact that he thought that this push present should be something that made my life easier.

  5. You know what’s funny? I wonder how many men actually know about this. I feel like it’s pretty split. I was talking to my pregnant friend Julia’s mister, Chad, and he had no idea. He didn’t believe me this existed and had to ask his buddies. Needless to say, they validated this push gift existed. Thing only thing is, what do you give a mom who doesn’t really like jewlery… yes, I know crazy. Would be curious on suggestions as I want to help Chad out.


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