Racing Cars & Testing Tires with Cooper Tire (VIDEO)

Do you ever wonder what really goes down when I go on these “trips”? You know, the press trips that I have been sharing with you lately? Remember last month when I went to San Antonio to race cars with Johnny Unser and learn all about tire maintenance and safety at the Cooper Tire Supermom Event?


Well, you are in for a treat because you get to see an inside look at what went on during those two days! Take a peek at the video below and count how many times you see those white sunglasses! And both times the BMW spun out on the wet track? Yep, BOTH times were ME! Ridiculous fun!

Disclosure: Thanks to Cooper Tire for inviting me to the Supermom Event. Even though my travel expenses were covered, all statements, opinions, and comments are my own. This was not a paid post but just a fun way to show you what went down that trip! 🙂