Radio Flyer Pathfinder Wagon Review

I have a confession – this is the third wagon we have owned. The first two I either sold or returned to the store because I was not happy with their features.

The Radio Flyer Pathfinder Wagon is exactly what I was looking for. The biggest reason I returned the other two wagons was because of the wheels. Hard plastic wheels on concrete sidewalks are a terribly loud combination. The Pathfinder wagon has actual tires, which I find make a huge difference.


The tires vs. wheels also makes the wagon much easier to maneuver. I find it very smooth to pull and I have not had any fear of the wagon tipping – especially while turning.

The Radio Flyer wagon (it’s award winning!) has two seats – with seat belts – and they each individually fold up or down based on usage. With both seats folded down, the wagon can be used to haul a load, and with both seats up – and two kids seated inside – there is plenty of leg room and four (!) cup holders.

The wagon is easy to pull but can be heavy. Our neighborhood has a few rolling hills and you can certainly feel them when pulling uphill. That’s the nature of a wagon, though, and I feel as though all wagons would feel this pull against gravity.

The wagon claims to have a 200 pound capacity so I know we will be using this wagon for years to come. I have not yet tried but I’ve read that this wagon is great for pulling on the beach.

There are available accessories to purchase separately, such as a canopy, seat covers, storage bag, or umbrella.

radio flyer wagon

It wasn’t the easiest thing to assemble, but not the worst thing I’ve had to build. I could not do this during nap time as it requires a lot of loud hammering. It took me about 30 minutes in total, and that was after a difficulty with the axel. The instructions were fairly straight-forward.

Overall, I am very pleased with this purchase. My son loves going for rides in his ‘little red wagon’ and my husband loves to pull him. I’ll call this a win all around!

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