Rain Rain Go Away… or get a pair Kamiks and play anyway!

Seattle is well known for its rain so instead of staying inside for 9 months I invested in an excellent pair of toddler rain boots.  Kamik boots surpass every other rain boot we tried.  If you want to play outside for more then 5 minutes its important to keep those little toes warm and toasty, Kamik boots are completely waterproof and do the job perfectly.  Kamik makes their boots with lightweight rubber upper keeping the weight of the boots to 1.4 lbs.  The Trek outsole gives traction on those slippery days.  We love that these boots are made in Canada and not some far away land.  Once the boots have lived out their use (which won’t be for many many years) they are completely recyclable and whats not to love about that.

It was a bit late in the season when I bought lil’ Irish his first set of boots so I decided to order 2 sizes up (a 9 instead of a 7).  The boots still fit with plenty of room to spare and the best part is that they don’t fall off!!!  So many of the boots we tried on in stores or at neighbor’s houses just fell right off when lil’ Irish would run but not Kamik boots.  Even in sticky mud Kamik boots stayed on snug.  This season lil’ Irish is filling out the boots (a full size 9 now) and they still glide on with ease.

Now on to the most important part… Are they good looking?  YES.  We love, love, love the adorable high definition prints all offered in multiple colors.  They have solid color boots too if that suits your little one’s fancy.  Every season Kamik comes out with new prints which we love not only because the variety is fun but that means there will be a SALE every year.

Even though these boots are worth every penny of their retail price tag we know moms have a hard time spending that money on something that can be outgrown which is why we have found you the sale of all sales.  Altrec has a size 8 boot in a unisex star print for under $7!!!  They also have a bunch of other sizes available for $10.  We swear by these boots and at these prices you can’t go wrong.  You can even buy a matching pair for yourself!

-Contributed by Melissa

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Melissa Jarotkiewicz, Editor Melissa received a BS degree in Civil Engineering and is the proud stay at home mother of thing 1 and thing 2. Being the wife of an Air Force pilot means being the only parent for days, weeks and even months at a time. This chaotic and unpredictable life of a military mom calls for some serious retail therapy and Melissa puts her focus on baby gear and unfortunately for her husband the deal-a-day baby sites. Originally from the suburbs of Chicago, Melissa has lived in FL, OK, WA and just recently moved to Germany. She enjoys spending time with friends and family and watching college football in the fall. Go Irish!

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