Rainy day styles!

I don’t know about where you live but we already experienced our first rain of the season last week. It was actually more of a drizzle but when you live where it’s sunny almost year round, a few rain drops can send the city into quite a tizzy. And wouldn’t you know it…the kid’s rain boots and rain coats are way too small from last year. It also confirms my belief that their feet really do grow three times in the summer months. So with the rain coats and boots not fitting, it means that the matching umbrella is no good too. Time to start over again this season with a brand new set of rain boots great for splashing in, a rain coat to keep them semi-dry and an umbrella that is really more of weapon than anything else.

So if you haven’t yet gotten your first taste of rain yet this season, just know it’s coming and be prepared with rainy day gear that is not only practical but really, really cute too!

What toddler could resist Elmo and Cookie Monster on their rain boots and coats? In fact, does this come in my size too?! Hatley Pink Elmo Rain Coat, $48.39, and Cookie Monster Rain Boots, $34.99, at hatleystore.com. Also available in Grover and all with matching coats, boots and umbrellas.

So adorable — baby’s first pair of rain boots! Robeez Just Ducky Booties, $33.95, at amazon.com.

Everyone asked me where we got this rain coat because little boys everywhere want to be Batman and the cape comes off for when the rain goes away. Batman Rain coat, $45, at thecompanystore.com.

Houndstooth is so in this year! This set would be perfect for the mini-fashionista in the house…Kidorable Houndstooth Rain Coat, $45 for the coat, at kidorable.com.

You can never go wrong with character boots…Western Chief has everything from Hello Kitty to fireman boots, $30, at westernchief.com.

What’s your favorite activity for a rainy day?