Re-Play Recycled Tableware Rocks!

Re-Play Plates

I’m not going to pretend I’m a mom who intentionally seeks out items for my child that help out the environment- sadly, that’s not me, but if I happen to come across something that I like AND it helps out our earth? Bonus! And that’s exactly how I found Re-Play Recycled Tableware. I happened to be looking at the children’s plates and bowls in Walmart and came across their three sectioned plates, and thought I’d give them a try.

Made entirely from recycled milk jugs and drinks containers right here in the USA, Re-play make bowls, plates, utensils and no-spill cups that are BPA free, Phthalate Free, PVC free and dishwasher safe. Even their packaging is made from recycled paperboard! That’s how seriously they take their product. Regarding FDA purity standards, they state-

“We take natural colored containers, from food-related applications (hello milk jugs and drink containers!) and they are recycled through a unique process that the FDA has approved for food contact. The plastic is specially selected and cleaned, to meet FDA strict purity standards. So we are confident it will meet yours. Then Re-Play went a step further…. we had each finished product line, in each color, third-party tested, assuring our buyers that the Re-Play final product meets the FDA requirements for food contact.”

Their plates are a big hit in our home. The one large section and two smaller sections make it great for snack time or meal time. I get to make my toddler’s plate look interesting with a variety of foods and colors, and it’s so light that she easily carries it to wherever she wants to sit. Another plus is that Re-play products don’t make that smashing sound as they fall to the floor when accidents happen.

Re-Play Forks and Spoons
Re-Play No Spill Cups


Their prices range from $3.99 to $6.99, so the products are affordable. If you want to try something made here in the US, that’s fun, safe, and environmentally friendly, my suggestion would be to check out Re-Play Recycled Tableware. And if you already use Re-Play, tell us about your experience!

BUY Re-Play Recycled Tableware HERE or find your local retailer HERE