Get Ready, Set, Giddy Up Rody Toy!

Looking for a great toy that provides hours of fun and promotes coordination and balance?  Take a look at the bouncing fun of a Rody Toy!  The Rody, which comes in 12 delectable colors,  is appropriate for a child approximately ages 18 months – 4, offering a rocking base for the younger age spectrum as the balance required and the difficulty of the bouncing action proves problematic for a child less than two years of age.  The durable horse is produced from super strong, latex-free vinyl that does not contain any ‘European banned phthalates.’  When I first removed this toy from the box, I thought, “Oh great, just another cheap inflatable.”  Upon further inspection, this vinyl is like no other inflatable, it’s thick and durable.  My two year old, however, was most interested in it the second she laid eyes on The Rody, even before he was inflated!  I inflated The Rody and within seconds the two year old tester was on “the saddle” making neighing sounds as she bounced about.  Not only is The Rody fun, but it also stimulates creative play, our tester feeds him, pets him, gives him stickers when he’s well behaved, and, yes, he goes into time out when she falls off!!  When we first introduced Rody to our family, I was a bit concerned that Rody may be a fall hazard with our hardwood floors and a number of items that our precious little one could strike her head on if she fell; however, with much observation, I have noticed that The Rody does offer a pretty sturdy ride.  The Rody, created by Italian based Ledraplastic, is adequately equipped to handle indoor and outdoor play.  He comes packaged with fittings to allow for use of any household pump and he’s easily inflatable to boot!  Our little purple horse is ridiculously adorable and a perfect addition to playtime.  And, if you find that your 5+ year old is fighting their younger sibling for a turn on the horse that’s too small, there’s a Rody Max created just for them!  For bouncing good giddy-up fun, the Rody is a fabulous toy.

-Contributed by Kori

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Kori Savage, Editor As a mother on the go each day of the week due to the demands of working outside the home, Kori is constantly in search of the perfect baby products to make her "on the go" lifestyle more palatable. Educational stimulation is also of utmost importance to Kori and she is constantly in search of those baby products that encourage learning and imaginative play. Kori is mother to the most amazing two year old little girl, who is always ready to try out yet another one of mom's "perfect" baby product finds. Kori loves to spend spare time with family and experiencing the rich culture of New Orleans, the city she has always called home!

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