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  1. I have really started to watch what I eat and try to get in more veggies/lean protein. I just ordered piyo and am really hoping to find a workout I love to help me!

  2. I try to stay healthy so I can be the best mom and wife I can be… love to go for walks (need to get back into running) with my kiddos.

  3. I *try* to exercise while my 23 month old naps. Its a good time but its difficult to find the motivation.

  4. I was going to the gym faithfully then began teaching school. Agh. So my regime changes week to week. Now I am walking and preparing for soccer season by working with my son on drills.

  5. I try and stay fit by walking with my son on my back (a growing 20lb weight 😛 ) every day, but with it being so cold, it’s hard to do.

  6. I have 2 lab-surprise dogs that need walks daily so we go out in the morning w the 2yo and hike… sometimes I get a better workout when the 2yo is tired and on my back (an extra 30+ lbs) some days she wants to walk so it’s slow and not as great a workout for me

  7. This looks like an amazing way to workout and not have to worry that our 16mo daughter could hurt herself on equipment. We dance around to get our heart rate up so she can get involved with us and not have her always interrupt us with other exercises.

  8. I like the idea of challenging someone as I believe it helps keep you accountable. If I do not win these bands I will be purchasing them and thanks for the code. I try to stay healthy by drinking my green drink daily plus I do exercise 3-4 times per week as I just feel so much better. I also love to cook so I do not eat out much.

  9. Awesome job mama, keep at it! I’m 3 weeks into crossfit. I can already see subtle changes. Can’t wait to get a set of bands to supplement my workouts. 🙂

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