Reality TV Show About Nursing Past 12 Months?

Posts are popping up all over the internet right now with news that a reality TV show is in the works focusing on moms who breastfeed past 12 months. Yes, you read that right. Because now producers are clutching at straws and think THIS is reality TV. Didn’t Time magazine do a great job at making something that isn’t an issue, become a big issue?

The details of this “show” are very sketchy right now, we’re only being told it’s being done by the people who brought you shows like “Dance Moms”- a show about an outspoken dance instructor, her world-class students and their moms, and “American Stuffers”- a show about a taxidermy shop where clients travel far and wide to have the owner stuff their dead animals so they can “return home with their pet for eternity.”

And now, because of all the craziness following the Time magazine cover, some very clever person thought “Hey! Let’s make a show about nursing toddlers!” Really? Someone actually thinks people want to watch a show about how mothers choose to nourish their child? What are we going to see? A toddler asking for milk and a mom nursing while running after another child/doing laundry/washing dishes/cleaning/cooking?

Yes, after a long hard day of taking care of my family, I want to watch women do exactly what I do. All day. I’m so excited I think I might break out a popsicle. Because us moms live life dangerously. Does someone want to film me too?

I’m not a fan of reality TV because it generally just leaves you thinking there are crazy people in the world, but in this case I truly believe whoever came up with this idea was having a hard time coming up with anything at all.

Breastfeeding past 12 months is not crazy or obscene. It’s what many mothers do, especially in other parts of the world where the World Health Organization recommends nursing until two years old. I am not sure why there are some people who gasp in horror about it, but I feel/hope attitudes are changing and people are educating themselves more on the subject. We’re all moms and parents just trying to do the best for our babies.

I breastfed my daughter until a few weeks ago when she turned 21 months. Trust me, if you came into my home, you would be bored. She nursed to sleep at night. She nursed when she bumped her head. If she asked to nurse in the day it was a 3 minute thing before she was off doing something much more exciting like sticking stickers to our walls. Unless…. you enjoy watching people not using the bathroom in private, or cleaning up spills and messes all day OR…. wait, I know…. napping at the edge of the bed because their toddler is sprawled out everywhere. Yes, that sounds like great TV right there. Please excuse me while I get that producer on the phone and become a billionaire.

Does this sound like the kind of show you would watch?