Really?!? Is This Really Necessary?!?

Really?!?  Is This Really Necessary?!?

I’m speechless!  Yes, that’s hard to do!  I’m a total breastfeeding advocate – but really?  A doll?  A breastfeeding doll for my child?!?  Watch the video (and no it is not our video!) and you’ll see what I’m talking about! 



Good idea?  Bad idea? What are your thoughts?




  1. Although I don’t see a real need for it in our house, I have zero problem with it. I am actually baffled at how people see it as such a “controversy.” Like many have said already, kids do this on their own when they see it at home with younger siblings.

  2. I think it’s fine, nothing to get worked up about. I hardly think a 4 year old pretending to breastfeed a doll will induce teenage pregnancy any more than bottle feeding will.
    If you have toddlers that have seen you breastfeed their younger siblings, then you’ll see that they pretend to breastfeed their dolls once or twice anyway.

  3. Wow! We should not be letting our young ones desiring to breastfeed at such a young age! I work in the medical field and I see so many children having children it is very sad to see them be so happy when they are prego, and the so sad heart broken and confused at the 2 week check up after having the baby. I am not saying anything bad about having kids young… I am saying it is a life changing experience I wish they would have be able to have later in life. Really disturbed by this product!

  4. I’m not sure about the doll concept and the breastfeeding “game”, of course is not the first model that the market offers for little girls, but the fathers are the only ones that knows what is best for their sons.

    I have a Question: this kind of toys and game promotes breastfeeding and motherhood, but the fatherhood? Which toys & games promotes the important father role?

  5. My mother breastfed all three of us girls and that made it more of a natural choice for me to breastfeed my son, but I don’t think a doll that I had as a toddler would have made me choose breastfeeding 30 years later. I’m all for breastfeeding education and I think if they are going to have a doll this would be a good choice (better than seeing my daughter pull up her shirt and really nurse her baby doll) but I still think it’s weird!

  6. This is HORRIBLE!! Let kids be kids and use their imaginations like we did when we were growing up. Girls will have enough time later in life to be a mom – why push it???? One of the dumbest inventions I’ve seen so far!

  7. I think its great for some familys! Like our’s but maybe not for others.
    Just like I would never buy a bottle feeding doll for our family but millions of others do.

    Its at least nice to have the option to buy a doll that breastfeeds…like our family does…

  8. many kids bf their dolls while watching mom, why not have a doll that promotes BFing? My niece used to BF her my little pony doll while watching my sister nurse. I don’t see it as an issue. On the contrary, I think it’s weird that all dolls come with bottles…..not everyone uses bottles.

  9. Each of my kids (boys and girl alike) have pulled up their shirts to “nurse” a baby doll at some point in their toddler years; they are masters of imitation! I must admit to being a little uncomfortable with the little apron with breast-like flowers; just looks odd on a child. So while I wouldn’t buy this doll, I do like the idea of promoting breastfeeding. Although I think as moms we can model and teach the skills and behaviors we wish to promote and have much greater effect on our children’s choices than some toy will.

  10. i had the same thoughts — is it necessary — i’m all for breastfeeding but how my 3 or 4 year old can really grasp and understand it is beyond me … seems a bit much.

  11. wow. im not exactly sure how to feel honestly. ha i think it’s a good idea to promote breastfeeding, but im not sure when the best time to expose a child psychologically would be. and sure, babies and toddlers mimic us exactly.. and that would be when this doll would be most useful, when they are 0-3y/o, when they are watching us breastfeed their siblings. but when a kid is 6,7,8ish.. i think being a “copycat” of mommy breastfeeding might be pushing it. i think they are more into their own things, rather than copying us at that age. it’s definitely weird.

  12. It’s kind of bizarre, but I guess why not? They have a million dolls that suck bottles, why not one that nurses?

  13. I don’t know. It has been discussed on all the mom websites over the last couple of weeks. Quite honestly, I am tired of hearing about it. I think parents can choose what is best for their family. We don’t have the doll and I don’t think it is one we would consider.


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