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Remembering the “Essential” Families, Too

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I know many aren’t, but I’m the praying type. And every night, my husband and I circle our two kids together before bedtime and say a prayer. It’s no surprise that we keep certain people we know are struggling in those thoughts and prayers, while also including a broader exclamation for those on the frontlines of this pandemic. But I had a sad realization today that made me wonder if others have missed such an important group of people to pray for, as well.

Have you stopped to think of, and pray for, the families of those essential medical personnel, first responders, and retail associates on the frontlines of exposure?

Can you imagine not being able to comfort your spouse with a hug when he/she comes home from their 16-hour shift at the hospital? When your husband describes his day as “terrifying,” because he’s the one who helps load the victim’s bodies onto the refrigerated truck? Or when your girlfriend breaks down the moment she gets home because she couldn’t do it in front of customers? Have you thought of all the children out there who are confused why they can’t sit on mommy’s lap or cry because they are blocked from giving daddy a kiss? Have you thought of those who don’t have the luxury of staying home with their kids and instead have to rely on daycare workers, trusting their hygiene habits and environment at such a scary time? These normal, daily things most of us get to do and take for granted are now missing from so many households due to this virus and the few, thin guidelines we have (aka social distancing, 6 feet apart) to protect those who get the most exposure.

I know we have a lot of appreciation and love for our essential workers on the front lines of this global pandemic. But let’s not forget to appreciate the spouses, significant others, and children who are sacrificing silently. They’re the ones bolstering up their loved ones to go back to that terrifying workplace. They’re the ones making quick meals to grab on the go for their loved one rushing back to the ICU. They’re the ones juggling the same things we are, but so much more because of a pandemic that has no real end in sight.

Appreciate them, because their sacrifices trickle down to ALL of us, in time.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.