Repurpose Changing Pads and Stroller Muffs

Changing Pad

Changing Pad

I’m not the only one that is a little behind in work because of Labor Day, right?! Believe me, I needed the holiday but now I’m playing catch-up this week to get it all done. Unfortunately, the Baby Gear Repurpose Challenge was low on the to-do list so we won’t be highlighting one of your ideas this week. We have some great ideas that you guys submitted but I didn’t have enough time to pull them off this week.

As a result, I’m sharing two of my baby gear repurposing (baby gear hacks – as I like to call them!) ideas with you. Today’s Baby Gizmo video is all about what to do with the diaper bag changing pad and stroller hand muffs once they stop being useful for their intended purpose.


  1. I love these baby gear hacks posts! Just shows what amazing things you can recycle and repurpose with just a bit of creativity. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I made a tablet case out of my old changing pad. I sewed up the sides and then fold over the top and secure it with a pink strap. It has memory foam in it and is very protective. Plus I love the style. I bought a diaper bag that I can keep using as a mom bag. 😀


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