Repurpose Old Baby Bottles

Baby Bottle Repurpose

Baby Bottle Repurpose

We put out a challenge to our Baby Gizmo audience a few weeks ago to show us how they repurpose baby gear. We wanted to see how all you crafty moms (& dads!) extended the life of your baby gizmos into new products that could last longer.

Back-to-School got in our way a little bit this month so it took us a little longer to start highlighting these great ideas. Don’t worry though because we are back on it! We are still accepting and considering all your great ideas. Remember we are giving out prizes for ideas that we highlight!

Today we are featuring our first repurpose baby gear idea from a mama who has been there and done that! Erica has FIVE children so she knows a thing or two about being crafty and making things work.

To submit your ideas, just email them to


  1. Repurpose old baby bottles
    1. I chop green onions and freeze them in the bottles. (Used to use an old water bottle for this) It’s great for sprinkling on salads or baked potatoes or whenever I need some for a recipe but don’t want the whole bunch to get wasted.
    2. Our church uses them as fund raisers. For a period of two weeks, volunteers take them home and at the end of the day you throw your spare change in there. Then it goes to pregnancy care center, or women’s shelter, or even to the preemie wing of a local children’s hospital.
    3. Use them to hold paper clips, thumb tacks, pencils and pens, in the office or school supplies (would be very convenient if you home school)
    4. The 5 oz. bottles are perfect for little girl’s hair accessories (clips, elastics, and barrettes).
    5. Piggy Bank: Practice saving money and/or learn counting. Put change into one baby bottle, or separate them out into Pennies, Nickels, Dimes, and Quarters.
    6. Travel… Hold toothbrushes for overnight trips, or hold small toys or put bells or beads in them for a rattle/tambourine type toy


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