How to Respond to Someone Who Touches Your Belly (VIDEO)

If you are pregnant or have ever been pregnant, you know that it seems like an open invitation for strangers (or everyone for that matter!) to reach out and touch your belly. To be fair, some people ask, but unfortunately, the majority do not. Pregnancy seems like one of the only times that it is socially acceptable to touch another person without their permission. If you were to reach out and place your hands and squeeze another woman’s breasts without warning, would that be okay? They are sticking out too, right? Or how about if you just grabbed some old guy’s belly and started to shake it? Would that be cool?

I’m guessing not so much. So, why is it okay for people to think it is perfectly fine to reach out and touch or grab your pregnant belly?

Today, I’m joined by a partner-in-crime, Ashley from Naptime Tales, to show you a couple ways to respond when someone reaches out and cops a feel on your pregnant belly.

To find out more about Ashley, head to her blog at I love her so I know you will too!