We Love Babiator Sunglasses!

With each baby I’ve had, I’ve found myself needing less and less. When it all comes down to it, babies are truly very simple and they don’t need much. But, sunglasses, ya’ll… it seems frivolous, but they have officially made it on to my “must have” baby accessory list.


For one, ultimate cuteness! A baby in sunglasses has got to be one of my most favorite things. You agree, right? But more important than rating high on the style scale — eye protection! Oh yes, little ones have sensitive eyes and on bright days, sunglasses are a must.

My first 2 kids didn’t have sunglasses. I thought it was a moot point trying to get them to keep sunglasses on their face. But with baby #3 I started practicing early and now he doesn’t care one bit when I pop his sunnies on. This is in part to our practice, but I also think that having the right type of sunglasses lends well to wearing success.

Early on I fell in love with the Babiators brand. These baby sunglasses are superior to all others we’ve tried for a few reasons …

  • 100% UVA and UVB protection
  • Flexible rubber frames… that means comfortable!
  • Shatter resistant lenses
  • 3 size options, my little guy is only 6 months, but is wearing the 3-7 year old Classic size … I guess he has a large noggin!
  • If you lose or break your Babiators within a year of buying them, they replace them for FREE (you just pay shipping!)

We’ve been wearing our Babiators nonstop this summer and I can’t get enough of them! It truly makes me smile extra big seeing my little one in his aviators and I have peace of mind knowing that I’m protecting his baby blues. Three cheers for Babiators!

You can get a 15% off coupon by signing up for the Babiators email list here. And right now, a few styles of Babiators are part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Can’t beat $12.90! Check out the Omg Orange pair here!