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So, I hate to brag, but my husband is kind of awesome. Since very early on in our marriage, he purchased me a piece of Tiffany jewelry every Christmas. Now don’t get too jealous—it wasn’t the fancy stuff, just the simple silver pieces. I loved it anyway, though. Buuut, when I started running four years ago, he subbed out the jewelry for trips to races. I loved that, too, but I missed my jewelry. I have a notoriously bad memory, and having concrete reminders of major life moments is important to me. So the question became, “How do I score some silver while also being able to go to Disney World to run the Princess Half Marathon every year?” Enter Bip & Bop handmade jewelry.

bip & bop
Photo credit: Bip & Bop via Instagram

I’d come across the brand via Instagram, and had been enjoying the photos of their cute and simple pieces. Their jewelry is designed in gold-filled, rose gold-filled, or sterling silver metals. All the pieces are handmade, and images and personalization are hand-stamped. One day, they posted a picture of “The ‘I Do’ Necklace,” and I knew that it simply had to be mine. I showed it to my husband and said I’d love to have it for our upcoming anniversary. (I prefer to drop subtle hints, but he prefers direct communication.) Our anniversary came, but my necklace did not! We had a lovely family dinner out, and afterwards he asked if I enjoyed it. I took a risk and was totally honest. I told him I was disappointed because I’d only wanted the necklace (which, to be honest, is a great price and was less than half the cost of dinner).

Fast forward a month to Mother’s Day when my daughter and I met him at work to go to lunch together. As he’s saying goodbye to his co-worker, he casually hands me a bow-bedecked Bip & Bop box. Inside was my I Do necklace! He explained that he had ordered it, but not by the deadline to have the necklace made in time for our anniversary. Yeeeah. I totally felt like the world’s biggest jerk. I did cry, though, because I was so touched, so mission accomplished, husband. (Seriously, though, pro tip: give yourself plenty of time and order your custom, personalized pieces in advance!)

bip & bop
Photo credit: Bip & Bop via Instagram

I love my necklace and I wear it every day. And it’s not just because of the meaning behind my necklace, although I do appreciate the little “hug” I get when I notice I have it on; the necklace is easy to wear—it’s super lightweight and it goes with everything. I also love that my Bip & Bop necklace has stayed shiny instead of dulling, unlike a lot of my sterling silver. I hinted at this above, but the price point for this handmade jewelry is pretty awesome, too. Bip & Bop frequently features its pieces as bridesmaids’ gifts; I totally wish they’d been around when I got married ages ago. An affordable, practical gift that’s so beautiful your friends will wear it all the time? A perfect way to say thank you!

Photo credit: Bip and Bop
Photo credit: Bip and Bop

I already have my eye on a couple of other pieces. These necklaces are made to be layered! Bip & Bop’s Instagram page offers tons of ideas, and you can shop their Instagram feed from their Instagram profile or from their website. The company also sells necklaces designed with multiple charms, and necklace sets. Some necklaces, like the I Do, offer the ability to customize the design, as well as choose your chain length and add extra charms to the necklace. Others are pre-stamped charms in your choice of metal or materials like quartz. Oh—I should also mention that earrings and bracelets are available, too. Just so you know. Happy shopping!

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