Review: The Cleobella Lolita Weekender


If you haven’t checked out before, make sure you do. Cleobella make wonderful bags and accessories, and started off as a very small company, but they are growing quite rapidly! They have one shop located in Sunset Beach, California that I have been lucky enough to stop by. Now you can even shop for their products online from places like Urban Outfitters, Shop Bop, and Revolve Clothing, just to name a few. Of course they also have a full website here where you view everything! They state

Cleobella is a free-spirited Bohemian Goddess. Her style and sensibility is effortless. She is a lover of life, nature, people and adventure. Cleobella is confident, beautiful and inspiring.

We all know mamas love big bags to put all their children’s necessities in, so today I’m reviewing the Lolita Weekender bag. This is a very popular style, but it does not come cheap: it currently retails for $575.

So what do you get for such a large amount of money? Well, firstly, this bag looks great, which is the most important thing to a woman. đŸ˜‰ It is made of real leather, so it’s very soft, and it comes with the normal handles for carrying hobo or over your shoulder. It also has a long strap for wearing messenger style if you want to be hands free. Great for on-the-go mommies!

Snapping off the pocket is easy!

But here’s the best part of the bag. The front snaps off and on! You can either use the leopard print it comes with, or, with a simple snap, change it for a gold studded pocket, or even a silver studded pocket! Those are an additional cost of $129.00, so yes, it is pricey, but you could potentially have a few bags in one, and also use the removable pockets as a clutch! So if you’re going on a date night and don’t want to carry a whole bag, simply snap off the front pocket like this-

I wanted to show you me carrying the bag, but let’s face it, Halle Berry does a better job


Back of the Cleobella Lolita Weekender bag

Here’s a look at the back of the Lolita. It has a huge zippered pocket on the back which makes organization easy! And here is my bag with some accessories inside. You can see that on the right hand side there are two internal pockets and on the left side there is one big zippered pocket.



I’ve been using this bag daily for over six months and it looks the same as the day I bought it! I highly recommend checking out the Cleobella website and all the amazing things they have to offer!

SHOP the Lolita Weekender Leopard Print Pocket HERE