Review of Dry Bar Blow Out Bars

I first visited Dry Bar two years ago and I’ve been treating myself to blow outs on the regular ever since. If I could choose one form of pampering, it would definitely be this! Let me give you all the 411!

Photo Source: Dry Bar

Dry Bar charges $40 flat rate for all blow outs and I’m sure other blow out bars charge something very similar. That $40 doesn’t change regardless of your hair length, type, texture, anything! You could have the hardest head of¬† hair in the world to blow out and style and it would still be $40.

Dry Bar offers a wide range of styles that your stylist can walk you through. They all have really cute names, too. The cosmo is curls, the mai tai is waves, the uptini is an updo etc etc.

Once you choose your style you’ll be shampooed, conditioned, and given a nice little scalp massage (probably¬†my most favorite part!). Then you’ll be taken back to your stylist’s station where they’ll blow dry your hair and style it to your liking. Of course, they also use their own personal line of products that are fabulous and available for purchase.

While you’re getting your hair done you can watch movies and sip on champagne or tea and eat small finger cookies and other little snacks they provide. It really is top notch service!

I have always been very pleased with my blow outs at Dry Bar. They make you feel like the queen you are and you’ll leave looking seriously fabulous. The whole process usually takes about an hour so you can be in and out quickly if your sitter can’t stay with your kids very long!

Dry Bar also offers gift certificates and they make fabulous presents! I’ve gifted them to the females in my family for their birthdays and Christmas and they’ve always been thrilled! Sometimes I’ll gift them a gift certificate, purchase one for myself too, and we’ll make a day out of it.

It really is amazing how great you can feel after just one hour of pampering at a blow out bar. No cut or color needed!