Review: EcoClassica I Cradletyme Naturals Crib Mattress by Colgate

The Colgate Classica I lightweight extra firm foam crib mattress was rated #1 of all crib mattresses tested by one of the nation’s leading consumer products magazines and has been a recommended buy for over fourteen years by another popular baby products publication. This ecologically friendlier version of the Classica I is made with ecologically friendlier foam made with plant oils but it is still high quality and extra firm as recommended by most medical experts. The EcoClassica I has a wetproof damask cloth cover. The Colgate EcoClassica I is a celebrated winner of an iParenting Media Award.

Benefits for Baby: Comfort, extra support, no-sag hypoallergenic foam, comfortable organic cotton cover
Benefits for Parents: Long-lasting durability, excellent value
Benefits for Our World: Earth-renewable components, smaller environmental footprint (less energy consumption in manufacture and less dependence on fossil fuels)

  • Weighs 8 pounds total
  • Fits standard cribs and toddler beds
  • Made with renewable, sustainable, plant materials
  • Extra-firm support
  • Damask cloth sleep surface cover with a waterproof backing
  • Easy sheet changes due to extra light weight
  • CPSIA compliant
  • JPMA Member
  • Made in the USA

We tested out the EcoClassica I mattress on a 17-month-old and a 3-week-old. Both children slept as they normally do- peacefully.
When the box was delivered, I expected it to be heavy– maybe not as heavy as cumbersome– but, regardless, I went to lift the box into the house and almost threw it over my body; The mattress is extremely light (something I was not expecting).

The mattress fit perfectly in our standard-sized crib. It actually fit better than the mattress we replaced.

I’m no stranger to foam mattresses, since my 3.5-year-old sleeps on a foam mattress, so I already knew about the benefits. But, to anyone that would see this (or any foam) mattress for the first time, it would come across very firm and “different”. It’s not your typical mattress… you know, the ones you remember as a child. The super-springy, could jump on it and almost hit your head on the ceiling type of mattress. It’s foam and dense foam at that. But the benefits of a high-density foam mattress, especially for babies and young children, far outweigh the ability to jump on a bed like a little monkey. High-density foam supports the body evenly (claiming to provide a restful, no pressure on your joints/pain free night’s sleep) and a firm surface has always been recommended for infants anyway.

Changing the sheets was a breeze! The EcoClassica I is so light and not at all awkward (because it’s one solid piece) that it was easy to lift in and out of the crib. Besides the fact that it’s made from earth-renewable materials and better for my growing child (in more ways than one), this (ease of changing the sheets) is an additional huge selling point for me. I can write a separate post just on wrestling with my other crib mattress alone.

The EcoClassica I mattress is not under warranty for staining so it’s recommended that you use a waterproof mattress pad or cover even though the mattress itself is waterproof. This is because the outer-fabric is organic cotton and the layer below it is the waterproof layer.

Buy the EcoClassica I HERE.