Review: eeBoo Puzzles

For the last few years our house has been full of puzzles. Shortly before my daughter’s 2nd birthday she became enamored with them; her favorites were the wood puzzles with chunky shapes, mostly the Melissa and Doug ones. She mastered those before she turned 2 1/2 and I started looking for the next step up …

Enter eeBoo puzzles!

Before I discovered eeBoo I purchased those simple cardboard box ones. $3-5 seemed like a decent price for new puzzles on occasion. She loved the Disney character scenes and characters from her favorite books, but what she didn’t love was the flimsy cardboard that was easily bent.

I began looking for something sturdier. Something prettier. Something that wouldn’t so easily get ruined. And I found all of that in eeBoo. eeBoo boasts quite the collection of learning games, flash cards, crafts and more … puzzles being our favorite.

With puzzles ranging from 9-100 pieces, I know we’ll be loving our eeBoo puzzles for a long time. Currently, the Once Upon a Time is our top pick. It comes with 6 puzzles, each 9 pieces. The back of each puzzle is a different color so my daughter, now 4, can first sort her puzzle pieces into 6 stacks. Then, flip them over and put together each one. She loves lining them up and using them as a prop to tell her brother each story. t358_b638daecad363a56b173e1afa9fb94b3 t440_8453a1bca718d19965ab959bf4cf2199 t440_952863c702b1d661f4d2ede06f0b5cd5In the New Year, our goal is simplicity with toys. That means, fewer, more quality ones. eeBoo fits the bill beautifully! Browse their puzzle section here  and see which one your little puzzle master would like to accomplish first!