Review: Enchantimals

At Christmas time my daughter discovered Enchantimals, and, of course, Grandma delivered.

Now, before I share about Enchantimal girls, boys, and their coordinating pets, I will confess that I abhor toy sets with tiny little pieces. Just last week I had to “rescue” something itsy bitsy from the vacuum — yuck! But, my kids love all the tiny, and I love them, so Enchantimals and all their little pieces are officially welcome in our house.

The real reason we became Enchantimal fans though, is become of the imagination factor! All those tiny pieces are part of a mini world and that mini world comes alive during quiet time. Today, my son (who is 5) and my daughter (who is 7) set up an elaborate scene – like a farmer’s market – where their Enchantimals manned stations like a bakery while others shopped. The conversations I overheard were absolutely precious.

I’ve also seen an Enchantimal school where one is the teacher and the other are sitting next to their pets while raising their hands and asking questions. Sometimes they’re hosting a birthday party, other days, they’re doing chores around the tree house. I love it!

When it comes to the realm of toys, I know Enchantimals are “less classic” than things like Legos. But, they’re bright, creative, cute, and offer a fun spin on the typical doll house. The price point is right too! The tree house is just $35 and currently¬†Patter Peacock is under $7! Other characters range in price from $10-15, but all are a a decent gift option or something that kids can save up for in a reasonable amount of time.

Bottom line — we love our crew of Enchantimals and their animal partners!

If you’re just starting your Enchantimals collection, take note, my son is all about Hixby Hedgehog (we’re hoping for more Enchantimal boys soon!) and my daughter and I both think¬†Bree Bunny and Felicity Fox are the sweetest! Who is your top pick?

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