Review of First Builders Mega Bloks



Do you have a child aged 1-5 years old and are stuck on which set of blocks to buy? Well, be sure to check out Mega Bloks, because they are F-U-N. These blocks retail for $14.59 on Amazon and the pack comes with 80 pieces! That’s one heck of a good deal! Let’s take a look.


The great thing about these Mega Bloks is that they’re large, and bigger blocks are great for little hands. For size reference, the photo above shows me holding one of them. Their large size also means don’t have to worry about tiny pieces your little ones could choke on, so they are very safe. The blocks come in a primary color scheme which can help you teach your child about colors.

We have so much fun playing these at home, we build robots, houses, animals, anything our imagination comes up with! But they are also great for keeping your little one occupied while you have other things to do at home. Children love to play with these, and we have had many older kids over building various things, much to the delight of my son. The possibilities are endless. 🙂



The 80 pieces this bag comes with are plenty for one child. If you have multiple children, it might be a good idea to get a few bags so they each have lots of blocks to build with!



My favorite feature is the handy storage bag the blocks come in! The top zips open and closed, and it even has a carrying handle on top, so it’s easy to transport to the grandparents’ house. It can even stand by itself, so this makes clean up a breeze.

If you’ve got little ones who love to build, I highly recommend checking out Mega Bloks. Your kids will have lots of fun with these and parents, especially dads, might too!

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