Review: Disney Princess Little Kingdom Magiclip Dolls


Do you have a little princess living in your home? Has she made it her personal quest to collect one of each princess … a representation of her love and devotion to each magical story?

My daughter has, and at just 3 years old I’m already feeling overwhelmed with the volume of what all these princesses may do to our humble castle, I mean, home 🙂 So, around Christmas time, before investing in her first of what I assumed would be many large princess dolls, I started researching my options. We perused the store shelves and discovered the Disney Princess Little Kingdom Magiclip Dolls. A small, portable alternative to the regular size and life size princesses.

These sweet figurines are dainty and detailed and are sold both individually and as sets. Each princess comes with a slip on dress for swift costume changes. You simple press down on the base of their dress and tiny hinges open at their shoulder to slip the dress on and off. That’s right, Belle can wear Ariel’s dress and Sleeping Beauty can easily transform into Snow White. And of course, sisters, Elsa and Anna, can swap wardrobes too.

magiclipDue to their size, I’d recommend Magiclip princesses for the responsible 3 year old up to early elementary age. I love that they don’t talk/make noise which allows children to use their imagination. Our little Elsa doll has been doing a lot of her own singing lately (via my daughter’s voice and memorization of the Frozen soundtrack) – it’s the sweetest thing to hear. And best of all, our boding collection of princesses fit nicely in a clear storage box I found at Target. So, for the little girls that want to collect all the princesses, and for the mamas who don’t want to store a castle full of toys … Magiclip Princess Dolls are a great find!

Last, but certainly not least, I love the price point of Magiclip Princess Dolls. Ranging from $5-$10 for single dolls or one doll and an extra dress, they are the perfect stocking stuffer, Easter basket addition or just because surprise. Magiclip princesses are also a reasonable savings goal for little ones who have started earning allowance. If you choose, you can save a bit by purchasing entire sets and give them all at once for a big ol’ princess party or dole them out one at a time.

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