REVIEW: Making the phil&teds Smart Smarter with the Verso Adapters!

You have to respect a company that says:  “You didn’t like something about our product?  Okay, you’re the boss!  We’ll change it and make it better!”  (We are paraphrasing, of course!)  That’s exactly what phil&teds did!  Now, that is a company that listens to their customers!

What did they do?  They made the smart – smarter!  The new verso adapters convert phil&teds most compact stroller into a reversible seat stroller so that baby can face mom or dad or out at the world. 

Since our review, phil&teds has taken feedback on their new smart stroller from people like us back to the headquarters in New Zealand.  Wanting to please their peoples, phil&ted busted out (aka developed) an adapter called, verso, that allows parents to reverse the seat of the smart, so it can be rear-facing and provide a deeper reclining position.



The verso adapter is very easy to attach to the frame of the smart stroller (similar to infant car seat adapters).  You snap the adapters onto the frame (same place where the seat attaches) and then you snap the seat into the adapters.  It takes mere seconds!  NOTE:  The verso cannot be used in the forward facing position – only rear facing.

With the verso adapters, the rear-facing seat will have two recline positions:  40 degrees and 50 degrees.  We found that the 50 degree rear-facing recline is much better for a napping child vs. the forward facing seat (without verso) with its 30 and 40 degree recline.

With the deeper recline, the smart seat can now be used with babies starting at 4 months. It’s important to note that even though the verso adapter can be used with babies or toddlers in the seat, it’s meant for the smaller tots because your rider will be rolling without a foot rest.  Your larger baby parent-facing will have their legs dangling from the stroller seat without the additional footrest support.  This could pose a problem to the dads out there.  An older toddler facing dad with dangling feet just begging to kick dad at waist level?  I think you know where we are going with this one.  Let’s just say, it would be smart for dad to keep they bigger kids facing forward in the smart stroller (or to wear a cup..whichever!)!   No biggie though!  Most older toddlers want to look out at the world and not at mom or dad anyway!

While it was clear in our initial smart stroller review that we weren’t crazy about the fact that the smart canopy wasn’t attached at the top of the stroller, the follow-the-sun hood is actually a benefit with the new verso adapter.  You don’t have to remove the hood when you reverse the seat because it will follow the seat. Yeah, we think that’s kind of cool too!

We know, we know…can you fold the smart with the seat rear-facing, right?  It’s like we are mind-readers at Baby Gizmo!  You betcha!  The Smart can be folded with the adapters attached and the seat parent-facing but just so you know, the seat unit doesn’t fold as compactly.  If you want it to fold compactly – take off the adapters – and put seat facing forward.  Easy enough, right?  neatly as it does when forward facing (it’s at a different angle so sticks out a bit). If you want to revert to forward facing then you remove the seat unit, remove the adaptors, (by unclicking them) and then replace the seat unit forward facing, it’s all very simple to do.

The new phil&teds verso adapters fit all smart strollers new and old and sells for $34.99.  Not a bad price to make the smart a whole lot smarter! 

Read (and watch!) our full review of the phil&teds smart stroller here

SHOP phil&teds verso adapters here

Watch our full review of the phil&teds verso adapters by clicking the video below:

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