Review: Tickle Monster Laughing Kit

Author Jodie Bissett wrote quite the keepsake when she crafted Tickle Monster – a sweet story about a funny monster from Planet Tickle who arrives on Earth and tickle attacks while rhyming and inducing bouts of laughter. Well, technically us parents do the tickling with the coordinating Tickle Monster gloves included in the Tickle Kit. Which, are easy for tickling AND turning pages since the gloves have holes for fingers to pop through.

This book is a fun story and is interactive which makes it a favorite in our household. Anything that gets the sillies out is a win around here!

tickle monster kitAs we turn pages, giggles ensue and my kids start laughing before I can get most of the words out. As you know, anticipation is the worst part of being tickled.

My only “complaint” … Tickle Monster isn’t the ideal bedtime story. We have too much fun and get a bit too wound up laughing like crazy. This book is best read, say, after breakfast or on the rainy days when everyone has a touch of cabin fever.

So, whether you’re looking for a fabulous addition to your child’s home library or a gift for the next little friend’s birthday party, look no further than the Tickle Monster Laughing Kit – it will bring a smile to many faces and laughter to many bellies!

BUY the Tickle Monster Laughing Kit HERE

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