Review: Yoomi Bottle- Warm Within

The Yoomi is the first of its kind. And it’s pretty cool.

I’ve only ever pumped and bottle-fed my babies but with this thing? It could be the answer to all the pumping and all the formula feeding mom’s wishes.

But no, it gets better. Daycare, grandparents, dads, babysitters… no more leaving your baby with someone and worrying about the temperature of the milk. Is it too hot? Too cold? You know. All the little worries that run through your head at feeding time when you’re not there to monitor the situation. Not to mention the ease of use for parents of multiples and outings!

How it works-

  • Out of the box, you want to wash and sterilize all pieces for at least 25 minutes (in either boiling water or a steam sterilizer) just as you would any other bottle.
  • Sterilizing the warming unit also charges it and it stays charged until you are ready to use it.
  • Assemble the bottle- place the side cover over the nipple, lightly push down, take that and place it over the warming unit, push down and it gently snaps into place, twist the top onto the bottle, place the cover over nipple until you’re ready to use.
  • When you are ready to use the bottle, fill it with formula or breast milk.
  • Activate the warming unit by pushing the orange button on the side of the nipple (orange means it’s charged and ready to go).
  • Wait 60 seconds…
  • Feed your baby!
  • Only the milk that passes through the chambers on the warming unit gets warmed so if baby needs a burp or takes a break, the milk in the bottle is not warmed. The milk that passes through the chambers is automatically warmed to the perfect temperature for your baby.
  • The milk is warmed as fast or as slow as the baby sucks.
  • The warming unit stays on for 1 hour after the orange button is pushed


  • When sterilizing the warming unit, place it on its side so it doesn’t get damaged.
  • Warming unit rattles (like a baby rattle) when it’s charged AND the button turns orange.


The good stuff-

  • The warming unit is not hot to the touch so it will not burn or harm you or your baby
  • Having a 1-hour feeding window is good for new parents and new babies
  • The teat has built-in anti-colic valves
  • All pieces in the Yoomi line are interchangeable
  • You can use the bottle without the heater
  • Yoomi is BPA-free
  • The Yoomi bottles have wide necks and a sturdy base- easy for mixing formula and less of a chance of spilling any milk
  • Extra soft nipple for easy latch- which, also mimics the breast
  • Designed to warm the milk to the exact same temperature as breast milk
  • Ready to use in 60 seconds
  • Warming unit can be re-charged up to 100 times
  • Bottles come in two sizes- 5oz. and 8oz.

Bottom line-

When you’re sleepy in the middle of the night, you can prepare and charge your Yoomi bottles ahead of time and have them ready to go for night feedings. When you’re out and about and have limited access to warm water or even a way to prepare a bottle, you can again prepare your Yoomi in advance. Not to mention one of the biggest things (in my mind) is the whole babysitter/grandma/daycare plus- it’s pretty much foolproof if you prepare it in advance. Then all you have to do is leave instructions to push the orange button, wait 60 seconds and then it’s ready to go!

What I like-

I really like the nipples! They have a wide base and when they say soft… they really are soft. Almost breast-like! Plus with the warmer in place (inside the nipple) it gives the nipple a firm (yet soft) which, does mimic the breast.

I also really like the ease of the system. Sure washing and sterilizing (and adding one extra piece) is a lot but you do that anyway when you use bottles. I really like that it’s easy to travel and go out and about with. I never really appreciated practical and easy baby items until I had 2 and 3 kids.

Shop Yoomi HERE.

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Chelsey H.

How amazing is this product! I think it’s perfect for parents like me who breastfeed and only do a bottle once a day, or when baby is with a sitter! It is on the pricy side, but I think it’s worth it!


Hi, I work at yoomi in London, UK and just wanted to say what a great review this was – thanks very much!

I’m really pleased you like yoomi – we’re very proud of the product and we value all feedback.

I’m happy to answer any further questions on the product – feel free to email me at

Louise Winters

You realise that if you use powdered formula in this, mixed with cold water, then use the warming unit to heat it, it is potentially dangerous to the baby, don’t you?

Formula needs to be made up with water no less than 70 degrees because it isn’t sterile and cold water won’t work to kill the pathogens potentially present in it.

Mrs H in WV

great idea! however, the prices are a little steep, even with that neat gadgetry…


Are you kidding me? Can be recharged up to 100 times, how dumb are people? average newborn eats about 8 bottles a day, so you dont even get 2 weeks worth of use from the warmer…so stupid.




How cool is that! I want to have another baby just so I can get some of these! From the pic, the nipple looks almost like a Tommee Tippee.