Ring Slings | A Shopping Guide


In the world of babywearing there are many, many (MANY) options. Over my babywearing days I’ve played around, fallen in love and found some sturdy favorites that have served my babies and I well. Today, I’m excited to share some favorites from the ring sling genre of babywearing.

Ring slings are a very simple form of babywearing. They consist of one, long piece of fabric and 2 rings that allow for adjusting and securing. The fabric type varies from cotton to silk to linen to woven blends. There are also mesh options for carrying your baby in the water!

Ring slings are a favorite of mine due to their comfort and the ability to adjust them easily. My babies have also always preferred hip carries and ring slings are perfect for that. With the extra tail of fabric, ring slings also provide an ideal breastfeeding blanket if needed.

Now, on to my favorites! Without further ado, may I introduce …

  • Babyette BabyBasics SuperWide /// With pleated shoulders and designer stitching, Babyette ring slings are fully customizable. Petite? Request a shorter sling. Special ring colors? Ask away!
  • Girasol Custom Wrap Conversion /// Eek! Girasols are absolutely beautiful woven fabrics from Guatamala that can be converted into a ring sling. They break in beautifully and come in a variety of weaves.
  • Maya Wrap /// If I have to choose a #1, it might very well be a Maya Wrap ring sling. I LOVE the padded shoulder and earthy colors. Here I am wearing in my olive green Maya.
  • Comfy Joey /// 100% linen and perfect for newborns and toddlers, Comfy Joey ring slings are ideal for summer heat as they breathe well.
  • Sakura Bloom Simple Silk /// These exquisite ring slings are both beautiful and fully washable, so don’t let the idea of silk keep you away. They say once you go Sakura, you’ll never go back!
  • Umi Sling /// Lovely fabrics hand sewn in Portland, Oregon, Umi Slings give a sling to a mama in need with the purchase of every sling. Isn’t that the best? Read more about their mission here.

Have you worn your little on in a ring sling? What is your favorite?