Room for BOTH Kinds of Breasts …. (A Response)

I find it incredibly disheartening that so many readers completely misunderstood my original article, Caitlyn Jenner’s Breasts But Not Mine, Right?!. For some, there must be a need to burn someone at the stake, but the article was written with nothing but support for Caitlyn Jenner’s transition. I would like to offer some insight so that you can put down the pitchforks, but of course, you will have to be open to the possibility that my intentions were not what you have predetermined for me.

The first paragraph reads “Amazing, wonderful, I am so glad that we are becoming more accepting and inclusive society.”  I believe that 100%. I am pleased and comforted to know that this can be main stream media news, and on the cover of a major magazine.

I, without fail, 100%, support body autonomy, in particular the right of a woman to do what she pleases with her body. I recognize that the transgender process allows an individual to do what feels natural and instinctive to them. Natural, and instinctive.

This same week, this woman’s photo was posted on Facebook. She too, like Caitlyn Jenner, was doing what felt natural and instinctive to her. Her photo was posted without her consent for public shaming.

Also very recently, this magazine cover was deemed not appropriate to be sold in stores for general circulation.  A cover, that wasn’t fit to actually be a cover.

So, FOR ME, these events all happening at a similar time is what drew parallels. It wasn’t about competition, or putting one down to lift the other. But to point out that IN MY OPINION, we have not come as far as we thought we have! That while I am elated we can celebrate one woman, we should celebrate all women… Thus the last statement “So yeay for Caitlyn Jenner’s new boobs, and amen for all the boobs that feed, comfort and keeps our babies nourished and safe. Surely there is room in our Facebook feed for BOTH”. 

Finally, my use of Caitlyn’s original name, was done for two reasons. Mainly because this is very RECENT news, and perhaps some confusion as to who Caitlyn is or was.  I also feel, to negate that there was ever a process of transformation at all, is just as big a disservice. If transgender is something we are supposed to talk about, why can’t we not acknowledge the process that is occurring? The entire tans  (changing) gender process:  the process of going from one gender and persona,  to a different one?  Even if Caitlyn was always a woman in mind a spirit, there IS a process/change of some form happening.

Clearly, there is passionate disagreement on this, but I don’t think Caitlyn’s history is now null, void and completely irrelevant. Otherwise, IN MY OPINION, the process of transgendering itself becomes irrelevant. If Caitlyn is only forever more referred to as Caitlyn, isn’t the plight for the process completely lost? Doesn’t this do a disservice to the transgendering process? Obviously I have some questions about this, is that not allowed?

For some of you nothing short of 100% acceptance and conformity is acceptable, there is no room for confusion, questions, or error. Terminology and conformity must be strictly adhered to, to be considered a trans ally. Nothing short will suffice. I feel this exact passion, and argue the same points for a woman’s right to nurse, and further to that, to have complete body autonomy. This is the parallel I draw. Complete utter acceptance.  You may not see it. Completely your choice.

I will reiterate, the opening of the article reads “we admired. Good for her! Power to you Caitlyn! Work it Girl! For the most part we accepted. Amazing, wonderful, I am so glad that we are becoming more accepting and inclusive society.”  It was not sarcastic.

And in light of the other articles of a woman’s breastfeeding her sons, whose picture was taken and posted without her consent for the purposes of shaming and the Elle cover not distributed for reasons beyond my comprehension, I simply wondered why we haven’t fought as vehemently for other women’s rights to a natural and instinctual act. And above all else, as I mentioned, the child’s right to feed. How could these two other events still be happening the same week if we have indeed reached such incredible levels of tolerance.

It is always the easiest route to attack someone with a differing opinion as hateful or ignorant. But consider that the article, however you read it, was never intended to offend. Quite the opposite. The intention was to show that there is room for more equality, more egalitarianism, body autonomy for everyone. As the last line read “SURELY THERE IS ROOM ON OUR FACEBOOK FEED FOR BOTH“. Again, you’d have to put down your pitchforks long enough to consider that.


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