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  1. I found this response post randomly and after reading it (and I have no problem wi either the original or the response post), I clicked back to see what all the terrible comments were on your original “Caitlyn Jenner, etc.”post, but I only see two responses. Where can I see the rest? Am I at the wrong site somehow?

  2. I think you have the right to say anything you want on your blog. People will agree and disagree. I have found more people like to argue than just accept that we all have opinions and they don’t have to match each others. I have not read the comments that contributed to your post, but I can clearly see the comments bothered you. I’m sorry for that. IN MY OPINION, we should all be able to say how we feel about any given subject, whether the masses agree or not. I hate when someone feels like they have to clarify or apologize for what they said because others believe their opinions are the correct ones.

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