RoSK Woobee Pouch Review

The Woobee Pouch is the must-have accessory for winter! We love Rain or Shine Kids (RoSK) products so it’s no surprise that we can’t get enough of the newest member of the RoSK family — the Woobee Pouch.

Like its cousin — the All-Weather Woobee — the Woobee Pouch is designed to provide comfort, protection from the elements and warmth in cold weather conditions but the Pouch has built-in elastic along the lower hem. The elastic hem gives the Pouch its shape and allows it to hug either the sides of a car seat, stroller or baby carrier or fit perfectly around your baby’s legs.

Just like all the other RoSK products, the Woobee Pouch has ties on both sides, which securely attach to the side of a baby carrier, infant car seat or stroller frame.


Elastic hem

I love the elastic hem on the Woobee Pouch — especially when we use it with a carrier. The elastic hem keeps the Woobee Pouch in place, which in turn, keeps my toddler warm (and keeps him from kicking it all over the place).

Please excuse the self-portrait picture


Unlike the All-Weather Woobee Blanket, the Woobee Pouch has a front kangaroo-style pocket! This is a great new feature because, while the pouch – and my baby – keeps me warm, my hand never get any love… until now. The inside of the pocket is the same waterproof material as the exterior of the pouch and it works great for my keys, phone and misc. small items that I carry on a daily basis. I do wish the pocket had a zipper closure on both sides (and maybe even a plush lining) so here’s to hoping RoSK comes out with a Woobee Pouch v2.

Tip: The pockets also work great for small toy and snack storage while on the go!


RoSK Pouch on the Summer Infant Prodigy

The Woobee Pouch has two little straps on each side, just inside the lower part of the cover. These straps – when attached to the straps located near the pocket openings – adjust the entire pouch, making it smaller in size. This is a great feature for smaller babies in carriers, different sized strollers and for car seats. When I tested the Pouch with my toddler, we left the straps undone as he is taller and needed the legroom but when I tested it on a 4-month-old, I was able to customize the fit by snapping the straps together.

RoSK Pouch on a Valco TriMode


The RoSK Woobee Pouch retails for $68
Ages: Newborn thru age 2
Size: 28″ by 36″
Works with: Strollers, carriers and car seats

About Rain or Shine Kids

RoSK is a premium brand of weatherproof children’s products that strives to provide parents with the freedom and confidence to be active with their children while maintaining their personal sense of style.

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