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  1. I agree with you. I think one good point you made was about the media interviewing these little kids immediately following the shooting. I can’t believe their parents were so willing to parade their little ones around and make them publicly relive their trauma. I understand that people want to know what happened, but the media in our society takes it too far.

  2. As far as “bonding” with a child, a gun range is never really the time or place to take your child until they are older and are out of the high school danger zone of bullying and other high stress, hormone induced decisions. She was taking him to gun ranges well before this. She knew he was unstable even up until recently when she told friends/relatives that she was losing touch with him but still chose to KEEP GUNS IN HER HOME. She knew he was self injuring with lighters. Reality check here: Your kid is to the point where he is burning himself and you have LOTS guns in your home. No one sees a problem with this logic? Seriously, what parent wouldn’t have their child committed at that point for their child’s own safety? I know it’s not that difficult in places to admit people under involuntary psychiatric holds if they pose a danger to themselves or others. In a heartbeat would have my mother, children, fiance, best friend, etc committed because I would want them to stop their self harming actions. No matter which way you look at it and regardless of everything else like the guns and the anti-social behavior, self harming behavior is a HUGE warning sign of darker things to come.

  3. You are much stronger than me I couldn’t bring my son to school today. I was feeling so much anxiety just thinking about it. I do not want to live in fear and will be sending him tomorrow but can’t stop from worrying all day. I might even stay in front of the school for a few hours just in case. I totally agree with you I don’t understand why the mother had all those guns? For what? I understand collecting things like figurines, teapots, makeup, jewelry, hats but guns? And yes as a mom we give up everything for our children, everything gets pushed to the back because our children come first. It’s so sad that those children had to die because she was being selfish. I don’t want to judge anyone but in this situation we have some right to because its affecting our children!

  4. i have followed you for a while now and i agree that it is heart breaking and sad. I agree the guns should not have been in the home. But I am sad and mad at you for taking everything the media is saying as true. You did not walk in this woman’s shoes and have no clue about her daily struggles with her son. You have no clue what she was doing for her son. You also seem to have no clue about how hard it is to get mental health car for a child. please read this and try to get some in site into the world of a mother struggling to deal with a child the world wants nothing to do with and cant help her with. A child they want to throw in jail or drug. Be kind and think “what i this was my kid”. We are all eager to judge these days.

    Feel sad for the lives lost, that is the best thing to do. Don’t pay the media any mind as they give bad press and miss information. Go to this site to help it was started by the survivors of the Columbine High School Massacre they have a great take on this. Read and listen to their view.

    I am still a facebook fan but not sure for how much longer if I more miss information is said please check out my status. i have reason for my strong feelings. You hurt this momma bear.

    1. I understand your points, Katie. I’m judging this mom on the fact that she had assault rifles in her house with loads of ammo. Sure, the media is full of all kinds of bad information. I’m sure it is horrible to have a troubled child. My heart goes out to her as well for that. I didn’t know her. I didn’t know her struggles. But I do know from reports on TV directly from the police themselves, that this mother had pretty much an arsenal of weapons and ammo. That is my main point about the woman. Not how she raised her son or what she was doing for him and with him BUT the fact that there were these guns in her house that her 20 year old could get to. Most of my anger at her is out of sadness for the lost. They were babies and I cry for them and everyone in that town.

  5. Hollie,

    I know you said you were writing and not editing, but this is perfectly written. When I heard that she took him to the shooting range I was more outraged and heartbroken. I didn’t think it would be possible to feel that way because of how outraged and heartbroken I already was. She did this. Yes, he puled the trigger, but she allowed him to be taught how. There are things that are very wrong with all of this and we will never know exactly what transpired and why. I keep wondering, was this a plan of hers and he took over. I know that may sound and be crazy, but like you said, why in the world did she have an assault rifle and all of that ammo?!?!?! I can’t get it out of my head to wonder if she would have done something like this herself. He was mentally ill, but what about her? I can repeat everything you said. With or without a mentally ill person in a house, there is absolutely no need for weapons like this in a home. If you have a desire to use weapons like this, do some good with it and protect our country, not make it an even more dangerous place.

    I cried after I dropped my Kindergartener off at school today. Today was the first day I was thankfully for half-day Kindergarten. My son goes for 2 1/2 hours and I’ve always felt it isn’t enough, but not having him be there all day was so much better for me today. When I drove back around after drop off I saw a police car near the school. I wasn’t sure if this made me happy or sad. It is beyond imaginable that school is supposed to be a safe place for our children and we have no idea if they really are safe there. I can’t even being to comprehend this.

    Such innocent lives lost. The people who are suffering from this is something that nobody should ever have to experience. Then all the people who didn’t lose someone, but knew the children or teachers, that saw them in the lunchroom or on a playground, said hi in a hallway, etc. How do these people go on? You’re right, how do you explain to a sibling or anyone else? None of this makes any sense so how can it be explained.

    Every moment I look at my kids, even when I’m yelling at them and they aren’t listening and are driving me crazy (which is way too often), I can’t even imagine if something so horrible and tragic happened that I wouldn’t even be able to “fight” with them anymore.

    I’m like you, sad, mad, furious, heartbroken, etc.

  6. i say ban all violent and war related video games, also violence in any form (especially gun related) in kids tv shows. exposes too many kids to killing without consequences!!

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