Safety 1st Genesis Video Monitor Review (VIDEO)

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Earlier this week, we talked about what features to look for when buying a baby video monitor. Today, we are back to getting up close and personal with a product.

The Genesis Video Monitor is a brand new video monitor from Safety 1st. It has many of the must-have features we look for in a great monitor.



The parent unit is compact (about the size of an iPhone) and has a built-in belt clip and stand. It features a 2.4″ LCD screen that isn’t the largest on the market but the clarity of the picture makes up for it. We’d rather a small screen with a perfect picture than a large screen that is so fuzzy we can’t see our baby.

The parent unit works on a rechargeable battery that charges when you plug it in. Other notable features are a volume control, talk-back button, and a room temperature display. While we have found that other video monitors generally don’t have an accurate temperature reading, the Genesis does, which is great.



The camera features:

  • Remote pan/tilt/zoom camera to keep an eye on the crib and the entire room! You can move the camera angle from the parent unit to scan 180 degrees around the room! Love that!
  • 2X-4X Zoom.
  • The camera can be plugged in for power or will work on the included rechargeable battery. This is needed for those times that an outlet just isn’t convenient for where we would like to monitor.
  • Nightlight that glows along the bottom of the camera. Our only problem with the nightlight is that it must be turned on and off from the actual camera and not from the parent unit.



The picture and reception on the monitor are fantastic! No interference and the picture is clear, letting us actually see our baby.



You know we love two-way talk! It allows you to talk into the parent unit like a walkie-talkie so that your child can hear you on the camera’s speaker. The Genesis has it!

The night vision is black and white (like all the monitors with this feature) but we have to say that it works great! In a dimly lit room, the night vision does its job well by letting us see the baby.



Even though Safety 1st advertise that it has a 350+ ft signal range, we were able to keep the signal all over the first and second floor in our house. Of course, it will depend on your house and what you have in between your monitor and your camera to how well it works for you, but we do want to mention that after testing the monitor in four different homes, we never had a problem with WiFi interference.



  • Accepts up to 4 cameras. When adding additional cameras, the parent unit has the ability to split the screen so that you can see all four cameras at once.



You know you are going to pay for a good video monitor, but retailing at $199, the Genesis is definitely competitively priced for all the features it has.

BUY The Safety 1st Genesis Video Monitor HERE