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  1. Exactly! I honestly would rather text too. We had to face our ‘fears’ persist before text! I mean in high school & college we could talk it up for hours with our BFF. But now we shoot a text vs call. We become lazy per say. If it involves calling I always make jason do vs me. But I agree where do we go. How do we evolve from being a STAHM to work field.

  2. Maybe you have a disorder or post-natal depression/anxiety. I was just telling my friends the opposite. After raising these kids I can face anything in the workforce. I have become so no-nonsense and strong and can put up with anything and make split second decisions easily. No mucking about.

  3. Your article describes my life. I have been home for nearly 7 years and went from being a social butterfly to a complete introvert. My anxiety is high and I have no social life. Although ive never considered myself a wimp… introvert, yes.

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