Samsung Safeview Video Baby Monitor Review (VIDEO)


If you have been with us a while, you would know that I am a huge video monitor person! No matter how big or small your home is, I firmly believe that a good video monitor could be a worthwhile investment that could give you that peace of mind that a new parent needs.

This is a product that you can use past the baby stage. Have a toddler who gets a little naughty at bedtime? Keep an eye on them with a baby monitor!

Not just any video monitor will work for you though. If you have one with terrible reception or a model that lacks range, what’s the point?! If you are going to invest in a video monitor, you want to make sure to get all the useful bells and whistles.

The new Samsung Safeview just happens to have many of those must-have features that I look for.


The parent unit is about the size of a fatter iPhone but has some features that I love and some that are just so-so. It features a 3.5″ touchscreen screen to properly see your child with a big, beautiful picture. The parent unit works on a rechargeable battery (that charges when you plug it in!) and features a belt clip and stand but both are rather flimsy so I am a little worried that they will break eventually. I do want to mention that every time you turn on the parent unit, an annoying melody plays for 2-3 seconds and it is quite loud. I hope they eliminate that on the next model. Other notable features of the parent unit include a sleep button, antenna that flips up but I don’t see a need for it, visual volume lights (the more lights that light up = the louder the room where the camera is), volume control, brightness control and a clock.


The camera is small and modern looking. It features:

  • Remote pan/tilt camera to not only keep an eye on all of the crib but all of the room too!
  • 2X Zoom. It’s a nice feature but pretty standard.
  • The camera must be plugged in – no batteries allowed on the camera. We would love to see them add a battery option on the camera for when an outlet is convenient.


The picture and reception on the monitor are fantastic. No interference and the picture is crystal clear.


Two-way talk is one of my favorite features on a baby monitor. It allows you to talk into the parent unit like a walkie-talkie so that your child can hear you on the camera’s speaker. We think the volume on the Safeview camera it is a bit loud though. A volume control for the two-way talk would be appreciated!


Yes, it is black and white at night (like all the monitors with this feature!) but this night vision is good!


Range up to 900 ft. This depends on your house and what you have in between your monitor and your camera. We do want to mention that after testing the monitor in three different homes, we never had a problem with WiFi interference.


  • Soft night light that you can turn on and off with the parent unit.
  • Accepts up to 4 cameras.


Like most good video monitors, the Samsung Safeview isn’t cheap. It retails for $249 but for all the features it offers, the great reception and the fact that you can add cameras, we think it might be worth it.

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