What Not to Say to a Pregnant Mom (VIDEO)

What not to say

Pregnant Mom

Happy “How-to Monday”!! Today we are tackling the popular topic – what not to say to a pregnant mom! Yes, we had a lot of fun making this video, but in all seriousness, we all know that people say the CRAZIEST things to a pregnant woman.

We are here to shed light on the subject and expose all that sh*t that people say.

Enjoy. If you like it, share it. 🙂


*I’d like to thank my partner-in-crime, Ashley from Naptime Tales, for making this video with me!


  1. Hello my name is Alex, and I’m pregnant with my first baby, I’m 22 weeks and counting!,
    The reason I am writing you is because I have been having a lot of trouble choosing a stroller. Finally had chosen the Britax B Agile (I loved the red tone, I really liked the 3-wheel design and the fact that is is a travel system, the only thing I did not like is that It didn’t have a bassinet option), but yesterday I discovered the “Graco modes sport” (sold exclusively at buy buy baby), and see I now am very confused, The 2 travel system appear to be excellent with the advantage that the graco modes sport can become a bassinet and the car seat can be used without the stroller seat for toddlers.

    What do you think? which would you choose?
    Can you make a revision of the “Modes sport Graco travel system” anytime soon ?


    Alex (Desperate mom to be)
    Ps. I really love and find your videos very helpful !.


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