Scarves for the Papas, Mamas & Kiddos

Parts of the country are absolutely freezing right now and if you ask me, nothing turns a frigid day into something bearable like a fancy scarf. Over the last few years scarves and cowls have become mega fashion statements, and not just for women – men and children are getting in on the coziness of all things knit and crocheted too.

Take a peek at my top picks and feel free to leave a link to your favorites in the comments!

men scarf CollageClassic Men’s Black Scarf by ATIdesign ($32.50) | The Mister Infinity Cowl by Keona ($48)

Chunky patterns in classic colors are the perfect mix for a manly twist on must have winter accessory. My husband didn’t think he could sport a scarf, but once I showed him these, he was willing to give it a try!

womens scarf CollageBoardwalk Cowl by Behind My Picket Fence ($36) | Hooded Cowl by Well Ravelled ($42)

For most holidays, a scarf winds its’ way on to my wish list. I wear one almost every day! These are two of my top picks for Valentine’s Day and whichever one I don’t get will migrate to my Mother’s Day list!

kids scarf Collage

The Gloriana Scarf by Coconut Robot ($82) | Children’s Cowl by My Charming Colors ($16)

Scarves for the wee ones? Why not! The best thing about these two styles is that they are available in a plethora of colors AND in mama sizes too!

I’m sure you noticed, but many of my favorite accessories come from the handmade world. I’ve found that they offer the most unique and fair trade options. Plus, it warms my heart to know my purchases support small businessesĀ  and the families behind them.

P.S. Have knitting or crocheting skills? Take a peek at these darling patterns (Wrap Your Arms Around Me Cowl, The Baylie Bear Cowl, or Lace Crochet Cowl) the andĀ  and make your needles fly!