See Your Child’s Art and Writing in Print!

See Your Child's Art and Writing in Print!

Want to see your child’s writing and artwork in print? Encourage his or her teacher to order a free student publishing kit from School Mate Publishing.

School Mate Publishing

Through this wonderful program, teachers of grade 5 and lower can have each of their students create two pages of art and/or writing about a certain theme or topic. Teachers can then follow a few simple steps to submit the students’ work to School Mate Publishing. The company will compile the students’ work and have it published in a full-color, professionally printed and bound classroom book.

The best part? The books are free to create, and teachers will receive a free copy for their classrooms! Parents and other family members can order copies of the book as keepsakes for $19.95 apiece.

I think this is such a great program for so many reasons. For one, it’s a great teaching tool! It allows kids to practice their art and writing skills by taking part in a fun classroom project. It also gives kids a huge thrill to see their writing and artwork in the pages of a “real” book, just like the ones they see in bookstores and libraries. Finally, it’s a great way for parents to preserve something their little ones created.

To find out more information about the student publishing program, your child’s teacher can visit


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