See Your Baby Sleep with The First Years Crisp n Clear Video Monitor

Finding a good video monitor under $100 can be tricky, especially when you’re a first time parent and wondering what features are absolutely necessary. The First Years Crisp n Clear Video MonitorĀ comes with great features at a reasonable price.

The video camera is small and compact enough to fit anywhere in your child’s room, and connects to an outlet, so no need to worry about recharging batteries or the dreaded situation of batteries dying. Just be sure to keep the wire out of the reach of children as it is a choking hazard. When the camera is on night-vision mode, a small ring of red lights appear around it, which is very faint and won’t wake baby.

The parent unit comes with rechargeable batteries and a charging station. The color screen is small at only 1.8 inches wide, but it was enough for me to see my sleeping toddler. I have never owned a video monitor before, so I must say it is very reassuring to walk around the house and still see my little girl sleeping peacefully. Keep in mind that as with all video monitors, the night vision mode is in black and white. There are both zoom and pan options if you want to get a closer look, and volume control, so you may wish to turn the sound off completely and just look at your baby. Rest assured, if baby starts to cry and the volume is off, there are sound level lights which inform you of the noise volume in the child’s room. So you’ll see flashing and know it’s time to stop the romantic meal for two and go tend to baby.

The unit is slim and portable with two options on the back of how to carry it- either pull out the stand to rest it on a table, or put that in and use the belt clip instead if you’re moving around. This works great when you’re doing laundry one second, and then cooking for a potluck the next. I am speaking from experience, of course. This monitor system uses 100% digital technology so you don’t need to worry about anyone else seeing your baby, which is scary to even type about, and has a 600 ft range, which means you can go in the yard or anywhere around your home and not worry about disconnection (unless you live in the White House- but I’m sure they have security features that are beyond a monitor) (and if you’re reading this- Hi Michelle!)

Anyone who is looking for a color screen video monitor without the hefty price tag, should definitely consider the Crisp n Clear Video Monitor.

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