Sesame Street Lets Imagine Elmo Review (VIDEO)


Elmo has been a friend of kids for decades since he hit the screens of Sesame Street first as “Baby Monster” in the 70s and “Elmo” in the 80s. This furry friend is a favorite of many kids, especially the toddler crowd. Let’s Imagine Elmo is the newest Elmo toy that is sure to hit a few holiday lists from the little ones.

Let’s Imagine Elmo comes with  three fun hats, and invites your child to sing, count, and play along with him! Each hat unlocks a different play mode for them to join and start the fun! Whether he’s a counting cowboy, playful prince, singing sea captain, or just being himself, Elmo has four playful interactive modes with games, songs, and actions. Elmo encourages kids to bounce, tickle him and squeeze his nose.

This toy is great for kids to use their imagination and have silly fun with Elmo.

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Our Lil’ Baby Gizmo tester shows Let’s Imagine Elmo to you up close and personal in today’s Baby Gizmo video.