Share Your Baby Gizmo Mama Tips

Calling all Baby Gizmo Mamas:

Baby Gizmo is looking for your best tricks, tips, and time saving advice. Do you have a special diaper changing technique that works on a wiggly worm of a baby? Have you managed to thwart your little Houdini’s efforts at picking every baby lock in the house? Or maybe you’ve developed the perfect system for whipping up school lunches in a snap. We want to hear them all!

Every mama has her own tricks of the trade and Baby Gizmo is making it easy for you to share your secrets with other moms! Even better: Every week  one of your tips will be turned into a video demonstration, acted out by Hollie herself! In appreciation for sharing your mama smarts, Baby Gizmo will send the selected Baby Gizmo Mama Tip of the Week a special gift. Oh, and Hollie will also give you a special shout out at the beginning of the video. How cool is that?!

There are three ways for all you smart and crafty mamas to submit your Baby Gizmo Mama Tips:

Baby Gizmo just made it a little easier for all of the mamas out there looking for ways to cut a hot dog into 36 pieces without needing an engineering degree, or get chocolate milk stains out of a yellow couch (maybe that’s just me), or how about just being able to brush a toddler’s hair without using a straight jacket? One thing is for certain: Anyone with kids has got to be on their A game and mom’s need all the help they can get- from each other!