Share Your Baby Gizmo Mama Tips

Share Your Baby Gizmo Mama Tips

Share Your Baby Gizmo Mama Tips

Calling all Baby Gizmo Mamas:

Baby Gizmo is looking for your best tricks, tips, and time saving advice. Do you have a special diaper changing technique that works on a wiggly worm of a baby? Have you managed to thwart your little Houdini’s efforts at picking every baby lock in the house? Or maybe you’ve developed the perfect system for whipping up school lunches in a snap. We want to hear them all!

Every mama has her own tricks of the trade and Baby Gizmo is making it easy for you to share your secrets with other moms! Even better: Every week  one of your tips will be turned into a video demonstration, acted out by Hollie herself! In appreciation for sharing your mama smarts, Baby Gizmo will send the selected Baby Gizmo Mama Tip of the Week a special gift. Oh, and Hollie will also give you a special shout out at the beginning of the video. How cool is that?!

There are three ways for all you smart and crafty mamas to submit your Baby Gizmo Mama Tips:

Baby Gizmo just made it a little easier for all of the mamas out there looking for ways to cut a hot dog into 36 pieces without needing an engineering degree, or get chocolate milk stains out of a yellow couch (maybe that’s just me), or how about just being able to brush a toddler’s hair without using a straight jacket? One thing is for certain: Anyone with kids has got to be on their A game and mom’s need all the help they can get- from each other!

Share Your Baby Gizmo Mama Tips


  1. Safety tip: always double check with your child’s doctor the dosage, concentration, and directions before giving your child their medicine, prescribed of otherwise. We recently experienced this with our 9 month old son. It was a mistake by the doctor of a decimal point and I was unknowingly giving him 10x the dosage twice a day for a month! Neither the doctor nor the pharmacy caught the error. Fortunately he is fine but I have learned to double check and know what and how much I
    am giving my son.

  2. My toddler loves bananas more then a monkey. Well did you know that monkeys peel bananas from bottom up not from the stem part like most humans. Hold the banana stem down in your hand in pinch the other end to peel it easier. Also did you know a banana has 3 equal parts to divide push your thumb in the end and it will split evenly.

  3. Hope that I’m not too late with my tip, but just was reminded of it last night…
    When making your child’s crib or bed, layer more than one fitted sheet with a water-proof pad in between. This will save time and frustration on those middle of the night wake-ups! Bottom layer should be a water-proof mattress liner, then fitted sheet, then next layer of water-proof pad, then fitted sheet again. When you wake up with a wet or sick, crying child, just strip off the top layer of fitted sheet and water-proof pad to reveal the next layer, clean and dry! It’s so easy to strip the wet layer, you can even do it with one hand, while cradling your baby in the other. This tip was given to me while pregnant with my first child, and I always have made the crib or bed with this system. It takes a little extra time to make the bed, but it’s so worth it when you need to work fast to get you and your child peacefully back to sleep fast!
    Thanks for sharing all of your fabulous tips! I love your website!
    -Tracy (mom to 2 boys, with a little girl on the way!)

  4. My preschooler has always been a tough one to trick into getting her take her medicines. Even “special juice” and “feel good vitamins” lost their luster. So, she was just diagnosed with a UTI and may have a few years on prophylactic antibiotics, so I have to step up my creativity!
    I took her tablet and crushed it. Scraped the inside of a Double Stuff Oreo out and mixed in the crushed tablet. Re-assembled the Oreo and I sneak it to her like “our little secret!” Also works with peanut butter wafer cookies!

  5. my daughter really love to drink from small box juice or pouch like caprisun. the problem is she always squeeze it everytime she hold them, and she’ll be wet and stick. so i have a trick, for the box, i open the top right end side and the top left end side, and i show her how to hold the both top sides and drink with that way. and for the pouch, i show her how to hold only on the right top side and the left top side. since then, no more sticky mess while she was drinking. and it works, 🙂

  6. If you get a bee sting apply a little toothpaste to it a few times a day. It helps with the swelling and the pain. Can also be used for mosquito bites

  7. When my son is cranky he loves for me to either give him a lavender bath or massage his legs and arms while he falls asleep its like it sooths him.

  8. Do not forget you are a woman first! Take care of yourself or you loose yourself in mommyhood and are not the best mommy you can be!
    Same goes for being a wife! You were husband and wife beforethe babies came along, you need to make sure and keep that connection alive.
    My tip: I take time once a week to do soemthing for myself; a project I enjoy, a pedicure, lunch with a girlfriend, etc. I also make sure that at least every two weeks hubby and I have a date night to re-connect.
    We have 3 kids; ages 7 yrs, 6yrs and the youngest is 10 weeks. My grandmother told me this when I was having some postpartum blues with the first and she helps with babysitting. Its wonderful to have my “reset” button especially when life gets a little crazy with three! 🙂

  9. Tip # 1 from a long term never ending mommy: I have been a foster mom for medically fragile infants for 22 years. It’s not to say I’ve had my share of toddlers that come with the baby as a ‘sibling group’. Bathing little ones can be a chore, especially when they don’t want to get out. I figured it out, especially with twins or children close in age. I set out two different colors of towels. When it’s time to get out of the tub, instead of hearing ‘not me, not me’, I tell them ‘the first one out gets to pick out which towel they want’. Trust me, they scramble to get out!

  10. Random tips for parenting? I have a million of them! Here are just a few:
    Start teaching your baby while they are still a baby, and by the time they are toddlers, your life will be so much easier!
    I have never had a problem with diaper changing, because when my babies started getting wiggly and trying to roll over during diaper changes, I gave a sharp, “No roll! Be still!” and stopped them mid-roll and rolled them back – and then praised them with lots of smiles and love, and they learned to quit being so wiggly.
    Bath time doesn’t have to be stressful if you start early letting water run into baby’s face. Obviously you don’t need to be stupid about it and dump a whole cup full of water into your baby’s face, but if water runs down as you are rinsing baby’s hair, tell them, “Blink, blink!” and exaggerate blinking your eyes. If water gets in baby’s mouth, mock spitting for baby to see. If nothing else, baby thinks it’s funny and forgets about the water drama.
    Fixing hair is easy. Start when your child is a baby. Even if they don’t have much hair, make hair brushing a part of your normal getting ready routine. Babies love the feel of the soft brush on their heads. As you brush, tell baby how beautiful or handsome they are. It won’t take long before your baby loves the hair routine! Now, I do have to say, if you have girls, there will come a point when tangles start interfere with their love of the hair routine. Be gentle, start at the bottom of their hair and work your way up. When they are old enough, let them brush the tangles out themselves and then you fix it (and sorry, but most kids aren’t old enough until they are at least 4-5 years old!).
    I don’t have picky eaters because I don’t allow picky eaters. The rule in our house is that you try several bites of everything. One bite isn’t enough, because if a kid has their mind set on hating something, they’ll hate that first bite no matter what. Several bites are necessary in order for a kid to really KNOW if they like something or not (and they have to be normal sized bites, too!). If they really truly hate it after several bites, then they can be done with it – but most of the time, they end up loving whatever it is, anyway! I advise my kids to eat the “yucky stuff” first and savor the good stuff. It’s not a rule, just good advice, and they follow it pretty well. The number one rule at the table is that no matter what, all vegetables must be eaten!
    Keep a smile on your face. A lot of how our babies and children react to things is based on how WE react. When my kids fall down, my first outward response is, “Ta-daaaah!” and I clap (on the inside, I’m checking my kid over and making sure they’re okay). Yeah, I get a lot of strange looks from people, but my kid gets up, shakes it off and keeps playing. And it should go without saying, that if it’s a serious injury, I’ll treat it as such, and on the inside I’ll be panicking and freaking out – but on the outside, my kids see that I am calm and cool and everything is going to be OK.
    If your child has some toy they really want you to buy, take advantage of the teaching moment (and the child labor) and allow your child to earn the toy by doing chores. My older kids do laundry, dishes, clean bathrooms, dust, vacuum, and babysit the younger kids. By “babysit,” I mean they sit in the room with the younger kids and entertain them and keep them out of trouble – like if I’m in the shower or working on a project or folding laundry or something like that. My 3 year old sorts laundry, puts away silverware (after I make sure there are no sharp knives in the bunch!), puts away the plastic dishes, wipes tables, picks up toys, picks up garbage, and acts as my “gopher” when I’m cleaning house (she’s great at running and putting things away for me!).
    Most important thing for parents to remember, is that it’s not your job to make your kids happy. Happiness is a choice. As parents, your job is to teach your kids how to make that choice… to choose to be happy. Buying them a toy will bring them that rush of instant gratification, which many people confuse with happiness. But happiness, *real* happiness is something our kids need to learn to choose in spite of what they do or don’t have.
    (I have to admit, though, I do love seeing the manic joy on their faces when I surprise them with things!)
    BTW, I love this site. Love, love, LOVE all the reviews. They are by far the most informative and helpful reviews I have ever seen! I love all the tips and ideas I find here! 🙂

  11. Stick your wet dishrag in he microwave on high for 1 minute after every meal, between washes. It works even on the microfibre face cloths I use to wash my 2yr old twins’ faces with. This kills all the odor causing bacteria and those germs nobody wants to share. Plus, if you are in the mood to clean your microwave, all the grime is loosenent up.

  12. Every night before I go to bed (I am usually the last one in), I take the diaper bag and refill/replenish snacks, diapers and wipes, fill 2 sippy cups with milk and juice and put them in the fridge and set all of my kids bags by the door (including shoes) so that in the mornings, we are ready to go. If I don’t do this, I can and WILL forget something. With being a full time BSN nursing student, mom to 3 girls and pregnant with a 4th, organization and planning are key to making our days run smooth. Clothes also get laid out the night before. Whatever errands I have to run the next day, I make sure to have those things in my purse or by the door so I too, can be together and ready to go. Oh and a side note, dinner is usually in the crock pot. Meat thaws the night before but all other ingredients go into the crock pot with lid and put into the fridge the night before (yes, my nights can be busy but at least it is quiet when I do these things :o) so in the morning, I put the entire thing on the “burner” with the meat and turn it on.

  13. When it comes to meal time, I always ask my 2yo picky-eater toddler son to sit and keep busy with his flash cards or drawing book, while I feed him. I have quick meal time, no messy floor and no wasted food. And, my son always finish his meal & learn new things everyday. I found it as a good way to feed both his body & brain/knowledge 🙂

  14. Our family has a hectic schedule filled with tball, swimming lessons, school, and a very active 1 year old. Sometimes it can feel very chaotic. I used to find my self rushing out the door, always forgetting something, or running a toy over on the way out. To limit the chaos I set my clocks 15 minutes ahead of time so we are not rushing anymore, and before we head out of the house I have taught my 4 year old to call out for a C.A.A.R. check. Where mommy makes sure we are ready to get in the car. C is for Carry ons (diaper bag, back pack, whatever we may need) A is for Appetite (my kids are always starving wherever we go even if they just ate before we left the house so snacks are a must) A is also for Accessories (toys, crayons, coloring book) and finally R a Runover check! I will never break a toy by running it over again with a quick walk around the car. I feel prepared for anything and my 4yo feels like she is in charge of something very important to our family. This 5 minute process has saved me from the craziness… at least that craziness!

  15. I asked my local pizzaria if I could buy one of their extra large pizza boxes. I use it to store the childrens art work. You can even have the children decorate it with art. Its a fun project with a purpose.

  16. We follow the same bedtime routine so even if mom or dad are gone everyone knows what comes next while getting ready for bed!

  17. When my son would cry a friend suggested white noise….instead of geting a vibrating seat or a sound machine we discovered the elecric toothbrush in the carseat or under his blanket worked great. Always worked. Loved it for long car rides.

  18. My 2nd child was born at 25 weeks gestation and is growing in the NICU. Therefore, I have to pump every 2 hrs in order to produce the milk my baby needs. There are 3 time consuming things in my day, 1- pumping, 2- my busy 1 yr old and 3- driving time to and from the hospital. And I can combine all 3 if i want to!! How do i do it? I use my simple wishes hands free pumping bra. I pump while reading and playing with my 1 yr old, I pump while driving in my car, and I pump while singing to my 1yr old, while driving in the car on my way to see my little micro-preemie in the hospital. Now if that’s not good time management what is!?! I figure I save about 6 hrs of idol pumping time by using my simple wishes hands-free bra.

  19. To help with the odor of the diaper pail, I go straight to the source. I bought a diner sugar dispenser and put baking soda in it. So when my little peanut has a dirty diaper, I sprinkle a little on the doo-dee. It really helps. I wasnt sure if it was working so I stopped for a week and noticed the pail got smellier. So I went back to it. I figured if it works on kitty litter why not give it a shot.

  20. I have mastered the backwards diaper changing. My son lays on his belly as he plays with some toys and I have a minute and a half before Mr. Wiggle Worm wants out. **Pre-fastening one side of the diaper helps me slip one leg in, then I can easier flip and fasten the other side.

  21. Sometimes I am on my own for bathtime with two toddlers. Getting them in is no problem, they love bathtime…it was what to do with one while the other got changed. So I brought all their jammies and diapers in the bathroom and while my 3yr. old is still in the tub, I make a towel pallet on the floor, dry, diaper and jammie the 22 month old and sit him on the toilet ( so he can’t jump back into the water) and pull out brother. Then everyone can “brush teef” and off to bed we go. and clean up can be left for daddy later he hee he

  22. I use this when my 16 month old is on the run at home with no chance of him slowing down for a diaper change. Before I even take off his soiled diaper I have the new diaper (and wipes) ready, with one side of the new diaper attached approximately where it will need to be and the ends smoothed out. It makes it very easy to get him to step into the one side and pull it up and all it takes is a quick move (that I have made with him in the run more than once) to get the other tab fastened and you are good to go. Just make sure that you know about where you want the diaper tab pre fastened or you could have an off center diaper.

  23. When cutting up pizza for my kiddies, I use a scissor that I’ve designated only for food. It’s quick, easy, and much less messier than a fork and knife! And the cheese actually stays on the pizza!

  24. For brushing teeth with my toddler and preschooler, my husband- a fifth grade teacher- has them say the vowels of the alphabet to help them open their mouths to reach all the spots! E-gets the front teeth for example! And what toddler doesn’t love singing their abc’s.? And the teacher in my husband has taught them their vowels!

  25. I am a new mom and have had the hardest time trying to find one of the bras made for double pumping to fit me. As a large breasted woman they just don’t make them big enough for someone who was DD pre baby. Not to mention they are very expensive. One day I was desperate to find a way to have my hands free to take care of baby or do other things while still being able to pump when the solution came to me. I took a pair of scissors to my bra, cut a slit in the cup and inserted the pump through the slit. Walahhh! instant handsfree pumping!


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