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  1. Loved this story and thought that the Mom made good decisions -although that is really not mine to say. She knows her own children and what they will eat and what they will waste. Loved the Judgy McJudgerson name. Too bad there wasn’t a big mirror there so that they could see themselves and how they were acting. For many of us who had very little money coming up, the fact that you took your kids out for lunch at all is a big deal. And kids don’t care how much food they got, they will remember that they went out to lunch with their mom and played with their siblings. I think we should just feel very sorry for those women. Pettiness is soul destroying to the person that perpetuates it.

  2. My son is 7 and up until recently, he never wanted to eat the ice cream on top, just the cone with the ice cream in the bottom. My husband would share an ice cream cone with him, eat the top, and give him the cone part. Kids usually are too focused on play over eating. Most small kids barely touch their food. Why waste money when you can share it? The kids are just fine with that option. It’s only the snooty adults that feel like it’s an issue.

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