How to Shop With a Baby

How to Shop

Due to popular demand, we decided to make a sequel to “How Not to Use an Infant Car Seat“. Overall, that video had a tremendous response, but after a collective jaw drop with parents everywhere realizing that they weren’t supposed to put an infant car seat on top of a shopping cart, the most common question was, “well, what are we supposed to do?!?”

If I was going to tell them what they couldn’t do, they demanded that I tell them what they COULD do! How the heck were they supposed to shop with a baby if they couldn’t put that car seat dangerously propped up on the cart handle?!

I’m here for you. It is our duty to the parenting public to show the different options on how to shop with a baby in tow. Consider this episode 2 in our “How to” series. 😉


*For those who are asking, the carrier in the video is the BabyBjorn Carrier ONE and the car seat is the Maxi Cosi Mico AP.