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  1. There have been times when I put the baby carseat in one shopping cart, put a toddler in a second one and pull one cart behind me while I push the other. Not the fastest way to shop, but it works when you need a bunch of things.

  2. Often I put the baby carseat in the cart and grab two hand baskets. I use the handheld baskets under the cart. And it makes it so much easier to unload the handheld baskets at the checkout!

  3. Really great video! Couldn’t you still wear baby though even with your helper? 😉 I just hate bringing along a stroller. That takes up prime real estate in my hatch/trunk.

  4. Ha! 🙂 For Tina T, i’d invest in some Ergos 🙂 I have 2 year old twins, 4yo and 7yo. Do any of yours go to preschool? I have to put one of the twins in the ergo on my back one sits in the seat and the 4yo either walks holding on to cart or sits in the basket. I also vote for option 6 which is hire a babysitter while you go shop 🙂

  5. All good ideas, but left out the two I do most often – I put baby in their stroller & use the basket underneath to hold all of my shopping items. I make sure the basket is completely empty beforehand (ie no diaper bag or toys) so that the basket will be completely emptied when I go through the checkout lane. I’m sure loss prevention is keeping an eye on me as I walk through the store putting items in the basket, but I’ve never once been questioned or approached by anyone about it.

    When the basket underneath just won’t do (like later today, my shopping list has Coke & diapers, which are too heavy & too bulky to fit underneath) then I push baby in a stroller & pull a cart along behind me. Any other season I’d just babywear and push a cart, but with the polar vortex bringing -50 windchills to Chicagoland I’m not taking my coat off while outside so I can put the carrier on, or taking baby out of his infant bucket to put him into the carrier.

  6. i found that if the cart had enough space underneath I could prop a shopping basket there for holding more groceries, doesn’t work at all stores! but increases your shopping ‘real estate’ if you find one that does have the space!(much better than just stacking your groceries under there, cause they can topple out.

  7. Great sequel, but I would love a trilogy that answers my current dilemma of how to shop with 2 babies… I have a 4 month old and a 17 month old. I currently do much grocery shopping online and Amazon shopping as a temporary solution.

  8. Oh my gosh, you are too funny! I’d love to see an episode on how to shop with 4 under 4. My current dilemma, lol! Husband does most of the shopping but he’s label’ly impared ( not a good label reader). 🙂

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