Share Your Advice on Lessons


Today’s post is more me asking for help than me sharing tips or favorites. You see, my children are 1 and 3 and I’ve started to think through the upcoming years … our school plans, vacations when we don’t have to cart along diapers, future siblings, those sort of things. But mostly, I’ve been thinking through lessons.

My oldest is 3 and is in preschool this year and from the sounds of it, many of these kiddos are starting lessons already – soccer and ballet, even piano. Now, I know that many stars are quoted saying that they found their talents at young ages, but 3? That’s just 36 months, ya’ll! Is that the going age to start trying out various activities?

So, parents of preschoolers and elementary school age children, these are my questions:

  1. When did your child(ren) begin lessons?
  2. How did you decide what they enrolled in?
  3. Do they participate in something year round or just occasionally?
  4. How do you fit practices and recitals, games and meetings into your family schedule? Do you have limits?

Of course, I want everything for my children. If they fall in love with tap dancing, I’ll listen to hours of their practicing. And if they choose to play football, I’ll sit out in the rain cheering them on through every yard they run. But when to start? How much time, money and energy to invest? Where to draw the line and how to gently guide their interests? That’s what I’m still thinking through. So mamas who have gone before me, mentor me in your ways. Let’s talk lessons today and I’ll send a big thank you and virtual hug your way!

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