Should Pediatricians Be Able to “Fire” Parents?

Should Pediatricians Be Able to Fire Parents?

“There are growing numbers of college-educated parents, who are talking to their pediatricians about whether there is adequate scientific evidence to support the safety of giving children three times as many vaccinations as they use to get,” said Barbara Loe Fisher, co-founder and president of the National Vaccine Information Center. “Rather than engaging them in a constructive conversation, too many pediatricians are simply slamming the door and denying medical care to children when educated parents ask too many questions or want other options.”

Despite recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the American Medical Association (AMA) urging doctors to maintain relationships with patients and provide medical care to families, more and more pediatricians are “firing” parents who refuse, delay or alter the vaccine schedule for their children, telling them to seek treatment elsewhere.

AAP policy states, “Families with doubts about immunization should still have access to good medical care, and maintaining the relationship in the face of disagreement conveys respect and at the same time allows the child access to medical care.”

A national survey published in Pediatrics in 2010 concluded that “more than 1 in 10 parents of young children use an alternative vaccination schedule” and 22% have serious safety concerns about the vaccine schedule that doctors recommend.

A national poll by C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital found that 9 in 10 parents rank vaccine and drug safety as their top priority for child health research.

A recent survey of 900 doctors conducted at Children’s Mercy Hospitals and Clinics in Kansas City, Missouri, found that 21% of doctors stopped seeing patients, who refused vaccines or asked for alternative vaccination schedules. This past summer, the Chicago Tribune reported that doctors are refusing to treat unvaccinated children and described a letter eight doctors in a big pediatric practice sent to families informing them they would no longer see children, whose parents declined to follow the CDC-­recommended childhood vaccination schedule.

“In addition to families with healthy children, who want to make selective vaccine choices, there are lots of families, whose children have severe allergies or have experienced previous vaccine reactions, and want to reduce vaccine reaction risks,” said Fisher. “When pediatricians threaten parents, families may stop seeking regular check-­‐ups and may end up not vaccinating at all instead of delaying or spacing out the vaccines.”

American Medical Association (AMA) guidelines state that a doctor may refuse medical care only after giving the patient enough notice to find another physician. State rules vary, but doctors generally must document the behavior, inform the patient what the problem is, give him or her a chance to change and, finally, send a certified letter stating the relationship is over. However, they must continue to provide medical care, as needed, for an additional 30 days. The AAP has also published guidelinesfor pediatricians electing to dismiss families if they do not follow AAP and CDC vaccination recommendations.

What do you think?  Do physicians have the right to choice who they want to treat?  Do parents have the knowledge to make important medical decisions on behalf of their children?


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  3. I think a doctor should have the right to refuse treatment but I feel that a lot of pediatricians are motived by the vaccination schedule and the business that it brings to their practice. I also think that informed consent is not being performed as is required by federal law. The ingredients alone in a vaccination should give cause for concern. An intelligent and well informed doctor should be aware of the parent’s concern. Just in my practice, I have seen the harmful affects of vaccinations.

    I did not vaccinate my daughter after much research and education on the topic. 23 years later I am even more convinced that I did the right and safe decision for my daughter. I never went to a pediatrician. My daughter got regular chiropractic care, a good nutritional diet, was breast fed, lived by a wellness plan, exercised, Etc. My daughter was really healthy compared to vaccinated children. If vaccinations were so safe, effective and didn’t contain toxins, I might consider them. I had too many logical questions regarding vaccinations that no one could answer and I didn’t want to take a risk with my daughter’s health.

    I have trully done the research on vaccinations. What I find often is that people state things but they can’t back up what they state. School nurses didn’t even know the ingredients in vaccinations. When we start giving a new born a Hep B shot when the mother could be pretested for this concern then you know that something is really wrong with our healthcare. That baby’s neurological system isn’t ready for that insult.

    If our healthcare system continues to be motived by the money and power, it will evidually fail. Oh wait, it already is failing. Have you seen the lastest United States health ranking? We keep going down, down, down.

  4. I know people who were intimidated by their Doctors into taking unnecessary tests. Mothers with perfect blood sugar levels forced to take the glucose test and intimidated into going through insulin treatment. Unneeded weekly sonograms for a baby that continually passes them with flying colors (meanwhile the Doctor filling the mothers with fear that surely something could be wrong.)

    I don’t trust a Doctor who feels that he or she has to resort to bullying in order to convince me of his or her point of view. That in and of itself tells me enough about what kind of “knowledge” he or she possesses. One doesn’t go to a Doctor simply for medicinal treatment. People come for medical advice, take it or leave it. That is also part of being a Doctor.

    Unfortunately, there are too many reasons why a Doctor may feel inclined to act this way. Money, money, money… parents who try to turn on the doc if things didn’t work out.

  5. My newborn was dumped as a patient because I refused vaccines due to my metal allergies -specifically nickel, mercury, and cobalt. If my child inherited these, then the vaccines could have dangerous results on him. Rather than waiting for a test, I was told I could not come back to the clinic – ever! They would not even look into purchasing a thimerisol free brand of the same vaccines. When I called the office manager to complain of this, she said that deviating from the suggested vaccine schedule causes problems for their billing department and not to take it personal. So, basically that network of physicians (MANA in NW Arkansas) is more concerned with proper billing than the health of my child. Now that he is over a year old, his new dr is happy for our business never even asks what vaccines he has had and focuses his energy on why we are in the office in the first place.

  6. For the “doctors are trained” crowd: 50% of doctors graduated in the bottom half of their class. How about yours?
    My son received no vaccines until he was almost five. Three of those years were as hosts in a remote campground where we had thousands of visitors a year. He got both measles and chicken pox (low energy for a couple of days, otherwise not effected), little if any colds or flu. We lived outdoors in tents next to a river. We were definitely healthy.
    [Vaccinations only occurred because of divorce, ex wanted to “prove” she was the better parent. Keep in mind that she continued to refuse vaccinations for herself.]
    Doctors are just people. They all want to make a living. They don’t make much of one from the healthy. Just sayin.

  7. If pediatricians could “fire” their patients, I feel that parents who choose not to vaccinate will soon have no pediatricians to take their children to. I choose not to vaccinate for many reasons and that should be my right just as it is my right to decline an anti-biotic or drug that is prescribed if I feel there is a safer and more effective alternative. I think pediatricians (and many people for that matter) believe that parents who do not vaccinate just leave their child with no protection. I can only speak for myself to say that is not the case. I closely monitor my children’s diets (I feel a healthy diet deters disease better than anything else), we use herbs and natural means of disease prevention. My children are 8, 6 and 1 and I can boast that they are healthier than MOST children I know! I completely believe this is due to our choices in their health. Why would I want to expose my children to toxic ingredients when I can fill their bodies with healthy foods and herbs (with no side effects) that can prevent disease? I know many people fall into the line of thinking that people should be forced to vaccinate because they believe that is for the “greater good” but have you ever stopped to ask yourself who is making the decision for the “greater good” and what they are getting out of it. Simply, those making the profit on vaccines are deciding they are best. In any other scenario this would cause a second look and a level of scrutiny, but for some reason when it come to vaccinations, many people just blindly trust. I urge you to check out

  8. I too am a parent of an unvaccinated child, who is vibrante, healthy & smart. She will be 4 years old in 2 days & never had an antibiotic, strep infection or ear infection. We of course eat organic foods, buy grass fed beef & organic chickens from a local farm, & we give her probiotics, & supplements, avoid excessive sugar, drink filtered water, avoid flameretartant bedding/clothing…wow sounds like a lot of work doesn’t it? Well, it is, but it is so worth it. What isn’t been said ever in all the comments is it IS hard work to raise a healthy child in this toxic soup that is our world. And not many people want to put this much effor into their children. Also, I would like to remind other non-vaccinators that you should check your states laws & get notorized statements that you have exempted your child from such medical interventions. We have done so to protect our child, because if you end up in the ER or hospital, a lot of these things are considered their standard of practice & they may go ahead with good intentions & do something against your wishes. I am due any day now with our second child, & we have 2 notorized statements the we are well aware of the risks vs. benefits of such medical interventions done do a newborn, & we decline. We also have similar forms on record at our Peditricians office, who we still see yearly for “well child” check ups, another thing that yes seems unnessary, but you don’t want to miss something even with a well child, plus is will sure be in your favor if your child care ever comes into question by teacher, social services etc. It’a all about playing their game to ensure your childrens safety. Hopefully if some of us continue to care & raise these “undamaged” children their will be some future for all of us in cleaning up the planet.

  9. We fired our pediatrician. What good are they anyway for healthy kids? I can buy the same height / weight chart they have and make sure my kid is on track for a few bucks. If you have a healthy baby (baby with a problem is a different story), the “well baby” visits are a marketing ploy to get you to vaccinate your kid. My pediatrician couldn’t discuss vaccines beyond “they are safe and good for your kid and the world”. These pediatricians would have little to NO income without vaccines (insurance doesn’t pay much to “examine” healthy kids)…most kids would do well to stay away from these kinds of docs as most offer nothing other than vaccines and drugs. They have a vested interest in pushing the ever increasing “official” vaccine schedule. AAP has become the marketing arm of the vaccine manufacturers. I don’t trust much of what they have to say.

    The practice of medicine is sick in this country, the evidence being that medicine is in the top five leading causes of death in this country – that is not hype but fact. Look it up if you doubt that. There are many great aspects to Western medicine, like the emergency room, but God help you if you go to the hospital with a found “lump” of unknown origin or some other vague symptom or finding. People, question your docs! Do some research – it has never been easier and important!

  10. Here’s what the recent Institute of Medicine Vaccine Safety Review said about gaps in vaccine safety research.

    Institute of Medicine Acknowledges Vaccine Safety Science Gaps
    The Institute of Medicine issued an historic report this year that acknowledged there is not enough quality vaccine science in the medical literature to determine whether or not many of the vaccines routinely given to children and adults cause more than 100 different types of brain and immune system dysfunction. IOM found that, out of 158 serious brain and immune system disorders reportedly associated with eight different commonly used vaccines, there were either no studies or too few methodologically sound studies to make a causation determination either way for 135 (85%) of them.

    These are serious inflammatory brain and immune system disorders and range from heart and blood disorders to strokes, sudden infant death syndrome, asthma, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, GBS, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, diabetes and encephalitis that can lead to seizures, learning disabilities and autism.

    Institute of Medicine Acknowledges Individual Biological Susceptibility

    In that historic report, the Institute of Medicine also acknowledged there are pre-existing biological susceptibilities that can make some individuals more vulnerable than others for suffering harm from vaccination, such as genetic variations; age or developmental stage at the time of vaccination; coinciding illness or other environmental exposures.

    Stratton K, Ford A, Rusch E, Clayton EW, editors. Adverse Effects of Vaccines: Evidence and Causality. Committee to Review Adverse Effects of Vaccines. National Academies Press: 2011. (Chapter on Increased Susceptibility – pages 70-73)


    “Both epidemiologic and mechanistic research suggest that most individuals who experience an adverse reaction have a preexisting susceptibility. These predispositions can exist for a number of reasons – genetic variants (in human or microbiome DNA), environmental exposures, behaviors, intervening illness or developmental stage, to name just a few – all of which can interact.”

    “Some of these adverse reactions are specific to the particular vaccine, while others may not be. Some of these predispositions may be detectable prior to the administration of vaccine; others, at least with current technology and practice, are not. Moreover, the occurrence of the adverse event is often the first sign of the underlying condition that confers susceptibility.”

    “Many adverse events appear to be immune-mediated.”

    “Rechallenge cases (those in which a person suffered a particular adverse event after each administration of the same vaccine) also suggest a role for an altered immune response.”

    “Much work remains to be done to elucidate and to develop strategies to document the immunologic mechanisms that lead to adverse effects in some individuals.”

    “This list of factors that are known to confer susceptibility is by no means definitive or exhaustive. Rather, we hypothesize that continued study of alleged vaccine related injuries, informed by epidemiologic studies that identify vulnerable populations and exploration of underlying mechanisms of susceptibility, will provide greater insight into these and other mechanisms and will identify more factors that contribute to vaccine susceptibility.”

  11. ps..wanna know whats in your SAFE AND EFFECTIVE”common ingredients of the most common vaccines” and be a proud parent for shoving that into your childs flesh..REPEATEDLY..

  12. Lauren
    you make some very awesome points eloquently and calmly..if these folks want to vaccinate../poison their child on a DRS sayso..then they can only be pissed at themselves and their omnipotent DR when they, well their child and then subsequently ,they the parent deals with the lifelong side effects..which may not surface for years..but one of the major side effects is no grandbabies..and even if their child is able to procreate..then their grandbaby will inherit a compromised immune from the parent, and of course will get injected with toxic vaccines and it goes on and’s the DARWINISM of “science” and i hate to even call it science as scientists, some are hardworking reputable and in fact detest what the BIG PHARMA AND RX DRS are doing..(my brother is a cancer/stem cell/HIV/AIDs reseacher at Fred Hutchison Research in Seattle WA, ) so that is my credibilty on that statement..and as well when researchers in fact find a breakthrough it is squashed or put thru a huge sifter..and lost in bureaucracy for decades..PSS we have a cure for cancer BTW..not that you will see it in your life time or that of your immunized or non immunized childs’s money, greed, lies, murder..plain n simple..
    but back to the gets down to choice..if you want to vaccinate..knock yourself out..but remember YOU MADE THAT CHOICE..and when it backfires..blame yourself..don’t blame your DR or people like myself or educated parents like will only have yourself to thank for making such a ludicrous..decision..but it is your choice..that you are making for your defenseless child..what parent would ever want to inject TOXINS into their child..baffling..

  13. I am not infuriated that you vaccinate your child. Why should you be infuriated that I don’t vaccinate my child? If vaccinations are 100% effective and safe so is your child.

    Don’t assume your doctor reads all the latest research and studies. Don’t assume your doctor isn’t biased by pharmaceutical companies. Don’t assume I have made this decision lightly. A vaccination is not a one size fits all. You would not (I hope) take a prescription drug without weighing the pros and cons of that drug and knowing full well what the hundreds of side effects could be. The reason so many prescription drugs have side effects that include “death” is because it happens. Be aware that side effects happen with vaccinations.

    If a doctor “fires” me for not vaccinating then shame on them for being narrow minded but it won’t change my want of choice or freedom for my children’s bodies and my body. Clearly that doctor and I wouldn’t see eye to eye anyway on what it really looks like to seek medical treatment that “does no harm.”

    I choose to support, strength, and protect my child’s immune system & my immune system by other means. They do exist.

    I wish we could just agree to disagree in this free country.

  14. I would hope a pediatrician believes they are for more than vaccinations and wouldn’t “fire” a patient for making their own decisions for their own children but I know first hand this Is not the case. Finally found a family physician that believes in a parents rights. He commented that if he “fired” every adult patient that didn’t do exactly what he told them he would find himself with lots of free time –

  15. I vote that a public database is created, listing doctors who don’t want their patients to make educated healthcare decisions and those who educate their patients and respect their choices, then let the people decide which doctors they will support. This won’t end with vaccines, so pray you don’t cut off your nose to spite your face!! One day you may not want a doctor to have the authority to determine your treatment regardless of your opinion. Bring back some amount of accountabilty to Pharma for the vaccine injured & you’ll go a long way to making scared parents feel more at ease. Stop telling the media and parents vaccines are safe and effective without the studies in place to prove it. Take away the peoples rights and you lose our last tiny shred of checks and balances that exist in the healthcare industry. Don’t fool yourselves, just because some doctors are paid advertisers for vaccines, doesn’t mean all doctors feel that way. I’ve never had a doctor who showed great concern over our “alternative” vaccination decisions, beyond respectfully sharing their opinions and respecting ours. It’s a lot of hype & media silliness.

  16. Keri, right on for being EDUCATED not to vaccinate..overvaccinated are MORE AT RISK FOR comprimised immune than vaccinated children..period..the proof is in the pudding..autism/ADD/NDD/ADHD/infant mortality ..the first 2 years of a child life are the immune building bombarding your child with ALUMINUM AND MERCURY adjuvants not to mention what the DEAD VIRUS is hosted in..HUMAN DIPLOID TISSUES.. aka ABORTED FETAL TISUE..(anyone have a ethical or moral problem with infecting i mean, injecting some other human’s DNA (the helix where all predisposed geneticism/disorders are programmed..) in your child?? if not..stick away.. as well as monkey lung tissue/ monkey aborted tissue/bovine/calf serum/ the list goes well as the tainting of VACCINES to STERILZE the human race (every heard of the EUGENCIS PROGRAM from the late 1930-70’s) if up those of you who think you are educated..are merely well..uneducated and following the herd..which fine if you want to be a part of the CULLING OF THE HERD PROGRAM VIA VACCINES..knock yourself out..and being denied by a stick happy DR is a blessing..and in fact..i wouldn’t step foot in one of their offices..use a ND naturopath/osteopath/any one but tradtional western RX PAID AND TRAINED med western carry on with the infection, i mean injection program those of us who are EDUCATED..and have 1/2 a brain..hopefully a whole one..but even with 1/2 operating can still decipher what is and is not MEDICALLY NECESSARY..and ps..anyone ever heard of the constitution where in it states TO BE SECURE IN ONE’S OWN PERSON AND TO NOT BE INJURED OR HARMED..bullying someone or threatening or intimidating a parent who chooses not to vaccinate or to alternate vaccines or do it the way they want to is THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT..and not every DR who went to med school is the high authority on MY CHILD YOUR EDUCATED zealots..don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining..i am just a lil punkin down here in the old punkin patch OF REALITY..

  17. As a parent that DOES NOT vaccinate my children- at all, I’ve had issues with my family doctor because she does not agree with my choice. However, I’m also in Canada. Not in U.S. I chose to leave her practice and find another doctor that was a little more lenient with their practice, and understood my concern.

    Also, if your child is vaccinated, than my UNvaccinated child does not put yours at risk. You’re “protected” from whatever you seem to think my child is carrying. Guess what? You just put that disease into your child’s immune system- where as I have not.

  18. It “infuriates” me that undereducated parents believe that all doctors care about patients. Medicine is a money making scheme that have some not so nice participants. What happened to the hippocratic oath? If all vaccines were safe why is there such controversy?

    In 1980 the number of vaccines were 11 with 25 viruses… 19 given by 18 months. In in 1993 that changed to 20 with 34 viruses… 27 by 18 months… now its 21 vaccines… Why the increase? I haven’t had to get those 10 extra vaccines.. Perhaps it has something to do with….”Merck spent roughly $4,627,885.62 to encourage doctors to promote their solutions/products, which definitely include vaccines.” (

  19. I think peds. should be able to fire their patients’ parents and also the reverse…. Parents should be able to fire their pediatricians. If either party doesn’t believe in the others’ ability to make decisions, they are not compatible and will not benefit the child(ren). It is the responsibility of the physician to explain the best treatment options for the child, and the parents have the right to ask questions. My children’s ped. expects me to ask questions. And I have separated vaccines before, my child got them all, just split by a week or two. There are more vaccines now, but there has been more development scientifically, and we are lucky so many diseases can be prevented or made less dangerous because of those vaccines.

  20. YES. It infuriates me that parents aren’t vaccinating AND that there would be some sort of acceptance of this practice. Unvaccinated kids in a doctor’s waiting room puts my kid at risk. Period.

  21. Yes, pediatricians should be allowed to release patients from their care. Physicians go to school and are educated in medical care. If parents feel they have educated themselves to a certain point and wish to choose another route that is not in line with what a physician believes is the correct method, they are simply not compatible. It’s asking the physician to practice unsafe treatment methods and only adds to his/her liability…law suits are far too rampant among money hungry people these days. So yes, pediatricians should be able to “fire” patients if the patients are not letting the physician do his/her job accordingly.


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