Sh*t Your Friends Say Before They Have Kids (VIDEO)


Happy How-to Monday! Last week we tackled what NOT to say to a pregnant woman. This week we are talking all about sh*t your friends say before they have kids. Yep, we are going there!

You know those people that tell you exactly how to raise kids even though they have none of their own?

“A strict schedule is exactly how you get kids to listen to everything you say.”


Or, those who have lofty ideas on how their kids will be and are not shy to share it all with you…

“My kids will NEVER throw tantrums.”

Umm…good luck with that.

Or those who just don’t have a clue…

“I don’t think I’ll love my kids as much as my dog.”

Ashley from Naptime Tales is back for this video! We had a little too much fun again with this one!

Shit People Say

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How did you get 3 car seats back there? We’re struggling with 2!!

Amber Hayes

I am not disappointed by the language. You still kept things clean. I like that you are being HUMAN! Stay true to you. 😉 And I loved the video! It was hilarious!!!


I, for one, am not at all disappointed by the language, especially since you didn’t actually write out the word! 🙂

Susan Smith

Soooo disappointed in the language recently. I know you’re trying to be funny, but I’m still disappointed none-the-less.

kris m

Just put them in time out and they will learn fast