Sh*t People Say to New Moms

say to new mom

Being a new mom is hard work. First, you have to carry the baby for 9 months and actually have the baby which is no easy task! Then you have to accept that having a baby basically changes your body, mind and soul forever and gives you lifetime membership to the best club in the world – motherhood.

There are so many great things about being a new mom from the cuddles to the smiles to the laughs. But it’s also has its challenges. It’s not easy to deal with the crying, baby blues/PPD, sleepless nights, endless feedings, diaper changes and much more. There are some days that new moms are just trying to survive.

So, the last thing a new mom needs to hear is a bunch of sh*t from know-it-all people around her about how she is doing it wrong, how they did it better, or their view on everything baby, even though they may have the best intentions in the world.

As a Public Service Announcement in support of all new moms everywhere, we wanted to help educate everyone on things you shouldn’t say to a new mom! Yep, our “Sh*t People Say” series is back and we have some doosies on what people say so that you can hear how crazy, dumb or mean it sounds so you don’t make the same mistakes. 🙂

(DISCLOSURE: Yes, we know that not everyone says these things and some may seem way over the top, but believe us, if it was said in this video, it was said to a new mom!)

If you care anything about the sanity of new moms, you’ll share this video with everyone you know so that people know what NOT to say!

I’d like to thank Kelley Crowe from for making this video with me and being a good sport with everything that I threw at her. You can find her on her blog, on Twitter, and Facebook.



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